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Which is better BMW K1300 or Honda VFR1200F?

Which is better BMW K1300 or Honda VFR1200F?

Throw a leg over and you’re sitting in the S more than on it. Legroom is something less than first-class, but taller types will still be happier here than shorter ones, who’ll find the bars a long way off. Vibration is minimal in sixth gear within 15 mph of any posted freeway limit.

What kind of torque does a Honda VFR get?

Asymmetrical exhaust headers help the V-4 deliver 90 percent of its torque at 4000 rpm. Even at idle, there’s a jagged, metallic edge to the exhaust note that separates the VFR from anything and everything else.

How many manufacturers are in the Honda Concours 14?

There’s only one way to find out: El Segundo to Santa Cruz and back, via as much twisty, underpatrolled two-lane as we can find. Our candidates for the abovementioned title represent four factories and three countries.

What kind of engine does the BMW R1200RS have?

Unlike the K1600GT/GTL and R1200RT offered under BMW’s “Tour” models, the R1200RS is categorized under the “sport” group, along with the 199-horsepower S1000RR and the 175-horsepower K1300S. The R1200RS sticks to its RS roots, and arrives with an 1170cc boxer – the same 125-horsepower semi-water cooled “wasserboxer” found in the R1200GS since 2013.

Is the Honda R1200R the same bike as the RS?

Yet, by nature of design, the RS also caters to urban mobility; the R1200RS is basically the same bike as its fairing-less twin, the R1200R. The R1200RS is nearly identical to R1200R, with the RS arriving sporting a half fairing and two-way adjustable windscreen for better aerodynamics at speed.

What kind of assist does BMW R1200RS have?

The R1200RS test bike was upgraded with all the add-ons, including the GP Pro Shift Assist that allows for clutchless upshifts and downshifts, an aid we raved about on the S1000RR superbike, but had some lower-gear issues with aboard the S1000XR “Adventure Sport.”