Where is the West Valley Fault in Philippines?

Where is the West Valley Fault in Philippines?

Metro Manila
The West Valley Fault is 100 kilometers in length and traverses the cities of Metro Manila namely Taguig, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Quezon City, Pasig, Makati, and Marikina as well as nearby provinces of Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan.

Is West Valley Fault line active?

The West Valley Fault, a 100-kilometer fault, is one of the segments of an active fault, the Valley Fault System. The West Valley Fault transects portions of: Quezon City. Laguna (San Pedro City, Biñan, Sta Rosa, Cabuyao, Calamba)

Where does West Valley Fault start?

But the strong push and pulls were felt to 100 kilometers away, along the broad curve of the 146-kilometer West Valley Fault, which starts from Bulacan in the north and runs through the provinces of Rizal, the Metro Manila cities of Quezon, Marikina, Pasig, Makati, Taguig and Muntinlupa, and the provinces of Cavite and …

What is the safest place in the Philippines?

Davao City is among the most liveable and safest cities in the world, primarily because of a low crime rate thanks to a strict local government. Plus – since Davao City is easily accessible via land, sea or air travel – it’s no wonder that it’s become a business hub in the southern Philippines.

Are there active fault lines in the Philippines?

Use of the active faults map in this website can be cited as: Tsutsumi, H. and Perez, J.S., 2013. Large-scale active fault map of the Philippine fault based on aerial photograph and interpretation. Active Fault Research, 39, 29-37.

Where can I find the West Valley fault line?

Schadow1 Expeditions has acquired the fault line data from PHIVOLCS and traced it on top of OpenStreetMap and Google Earth. We have recently acquired the fault line data for the West and East Valley Fault System from PHIVOLCS and have decided to trace the data on top of OpenStreetMap Philippines and on Google Earth.

Where does the fault line start and end?

Downloadable Interactive Map of the West and East Valley Fault Line The fault line starts at Montalban Landfill of Montalban Rizal and ends at San Lazaro Leisure Park and Casino at Carmona, Cavite. Although, recent studies of PHIVOLCS shows it still extends from Carmona to Silang and to Calamba, Laguna.

Where can I find an active fault map?

These active faults maps are now available on this website and upon request to PHIVOLCS-DOST (Figure 2: example of active faults map).