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Where did William Dobell live?

Where did William Dobell live?

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In 1930 Dobell won the school’s first prize for figure painting with his ‘Nude study’ (Newcastle Region Art Gallery) and shared the second prize for drawing. From late 1930, when he left the Slade, Dobell lived in a series of boarding houses at Bayswater and Pimlico.

Where was Dobell born?

Cooks Hill, Australia
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When was Dobell born?

September 24, 1899
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Did William Dobell win the court case?

Unlike many portrait artists, Dobell did not have his subjects sit and pose for him. Dobell won the court case but his confidence in his art was destroyed. After the court case in 1944, Dobell came to Wangi to escape the ‘notoriety’ the case had brought.

Why did Dobell paint Margaret Olley?

Dobell explains his reason for painting Olley in Edwardian costume and her interest and connection to Edwardian ideals: at the time she ‘liked to dress that way at parties and I thought that was part of her character’.

What did William Dobell do?

Sir William Dobell OBE (24 September 1899 – 13 May 1970) was an Australian portrait and landscape artist of the 20th century. Dobell won the Archibald Prize, Australia’s premier award for portrait artists on three occasions. The Dobell Prize is named in his honour.

What materials did Margaret Olley use?

Margaret Olley

  • Details. Date 1948 Media category Painting Materials used oil on hardboard Dimensions 114.3 x 85.7 cm board; 148.0 x 118.5 x 13.0 cm frame Signature & date.
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  • Exhibition history. Shown in 26 exhibitions.
  • Bibliography. Referenced in 75 publications.

What is the aim of the Archibald Prize?

F. Archibald, the editor of The Bulletin magazine who died in 1919. The prize is awarded by the Trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the best portrait of a person famous in Art, Letters, Science or Politics.

What is the purpose of the Wynne prize?

It is awarded annually for “the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture by Australian artists completed during the 12 months preceding the [closing] date”.

How much is a Margaret Olley painting worth?

The work is not considered one of Olley’s major paintings, and would likely sell for between $8,000 – $10,000.

Who is the owner of the Dobell house?

Dobell House is owned and operated by the Sir William Dobell Memorial Committee which is a completely volunteer organisation. The Committee maintains the House as historically accurate as possible to reflect the life and artistic genius of its famous owner Sir William Dobell and encourages visitors on every level possible.

Where did William Dobell live as a child?

William Dobell was born 1899 in Bull St, Cooks Hill, a suburb of Newcastle. He was the youngest of three brothers and three sisters.

Where is the Dobell house in Lake Macquarie?

Dobell House is an eclectic building with a series of additions to the original two-room holiday house. The primary facade is oriented north to take advantage of views to Lake Macquarie. The rear of the house and garage address Dobell Road.

When did William Dobell go to South Vietnam?

In 1961 Dobell travelled to South Vietnam to sketch president Ngo Dinh Diem for the second ‘Time’ portrait and then went to the ‘Time’ office in Hong Kong to paint it, one of the very rare times Dobell actually painted outside his studio.