Where can I Donate my gently used clothes?

Where can I Donate my gently used clothes?

Accepted donations: Goodwill accepts all new and gently used clothing, including shoes and accessories. They also take other household items such as books, furniture, appliances and more. How to donate: Donations can be dropped off at your local Goodwill stores and donation centers, which you can locate here.

What kind of clothes can you donate to the Salvation Army?

Accepted donations: The Salvation Army accepts all kinds of clothing donations, including men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. They also accept other goods such as furniture, appliances and other household items.

Where to donate clothes in Somerville, MA?

Thanks to our wonderful partners at Architectural Openings (East Somerville), Delaney Uniform Services (Watertown), and Whole Foods Market (Prospect Street and River Street in Cambridge and Beacon Street in Somerville) for graciously hosting donation bins in the past. Hosting a clothing drive? Let us know!

When is the best time to donate clothes?

Whether you’re cleaning out your family’s closet in the spring, browsing through some outdated beachwear in the summer, making room for your children’s back-to-school clothes in the fall, or are in a generous and giving mood during the winter holiday season, you might consider donating your unwanted clothes to a cause that supports veterans.

Where can I donate clothing for the IRS?

You can also check with what other thrift stores in your area charge for simpler articles of clothing or even reference some online auction sites to see what someone is willing to pay for a comparable item. TurboTax offers a free online tool called ItsDeductible that will give you the IRS approved values for your clothing donations.

What kind of clothes can you donate to Planet Aid?

Accepted donations: Planet Aid accepts all clothing (including items with holes, stains or tears). The only articles of clothing that are not accepted are those that are dirty, wet or moldy. Shoes…

How to estimate the value of clothing donations?

The value of clothing donations to charity are based on published lists of retail values or current thrift store prices. List your donation values on the Form 8283 with the help of TurboTax in this video on filing annual taxes.