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When did Arrigo Boito write the opera Mefistofele?

When did Arrigo Boito write the opera Mefistofele?

Mefistofele ( Italian pronunciation: [mefiˈstɔːfele]) is an opera in a prologue, four acts and an epilogue, the only completed opera with music by the Italian composer – librettist Arrigo Boito (there are several completed operas for which he was librettist only). The opera was given its premiere on 5 March 1868 at La Scala,…

Why was the premiere of Mefistofele so bad?

As the evening of 5 March 1868 premiere performance progressed, the hostility of the audience, unfamiliar with Boito’s avant-garde musical style and unimpressed by many of the scenes (notably the scene in the emperor’s court), steadily increased. Furthermore, the work was far too long and the cast inadequate for the complexities of the music.

Who are the actors in the opera Mefistofele?

San Francisco Opera revived the 1994 production of the opera as the first production of its 2013/14 season with Ildar Abdrazakov as Mefistofele, Patricia Racette as Margherita and Ramón Vargas as Faust.

Why did Francesco Boito write his own opera?

He was an admirer of Richard Wagner and, like him, chose to write his own libretto, something which was virtually unheard of in Italian opera up to that time. Much of the text is actually a literal translation from Goethe’s German to Boito’s Italian.

Who was the actor who played Mefistofele in Faust?

There Mefistofele was played by Denis Sedov and Faust played by Fernando Portari. A heavenly chorus of angels praises God the Creator. Mefistofele scornfully declares that he can win the soul of Faust.

When did Mefistofele first appear at the Metropolitan Opera?

In 1969, the New York City Opera presented a new production by Tito Capobianco, with Norman Treigle scoring his greatest success in the title role. The Metropolitan Opera has given the work from time to time since it first appeared there on 5 December 1883.

How did Faust and Margareta escape from Mefistofele?

Faust begs Mefistofele to help them escape together. They enter the cell and at first Margareta does not recognize her rescuers. Her joy at being reunited with Faust turns to horror when she sees Mefistofele and recognizes that he is the Devil. Refusing to succumb to further evil, Margareta begs for divine forgiveness.

When was Mefistofele first performed at La Scala?

The opera was given its premiere on 5 March 1868 at La Scala, Milan, under the baton of the composer, despite his lack of experience and skill as a conductor. However, it was not a success and was immediately withdrawn after only two performances.