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When can you change your cartilage piercing for the first time?

When can you change your cartilage piercing for the first time?

A helix piercing is easily changed, but make sure that it’s fully healed before trying to switch out the jewelry—three-to-six months. Valentini suggests making the first change with the help of your piercer, as it’s important to be careful to avoid anything going wrong.

Is it bad to change your cartilage piercing early?

You Shouldn’t Change The Jewelry Initially Again, the heal time on a cartilage piercing can be up to a year. If you think your piercing has healed but aren’t totally sure, consult with your piercing professional.

Are you supposed to twist a new cartilage piercing?

No, you should not twist your cartilage piercing as this can prevent healing. Just wiping the cleaning solution over the front and back of the piercing should be enough.

Do you have to get a stud when you first pierce your cartilage?

Whether it’s a hoop or stud, you can always get whichever you like for a cartilage piercing. Your piercer will probably recommend labret studs—longer studs will accommodate for how much the piercing will swell.

How long after a cartilage piercing can you sleep on it?

Is it OK? The general rule of thumb is to avoid sleeping in earrings, with one exception: when you get a new piercing. You’ll need to keep these small studs in for 6 weeks or longer, or until your piercer gives you the OK.

How can I make my cartilage piercing heal faster?

Saturate a cotton ball or piece of a paper towel with saline solution and dab the area around your piercing. Alternatively, you can wet a paper towel, add a few drops of soap, and gently pat the area around the piercing. You can do this once or twice a day as your cartilage heals.

What happens if I change my cartilage piercing too soon?

If you change your cartilage piercing too early, it will delay the healing process. It can cause infections, bumps, irritation, and swelling. The piercing may as well close just after you remove the initial jewelry piece and not give you enough time to put in another thing.

How do you sleep with a new cartilage piercing?

How to Sleep with a new cartilage Piercing:

  1. Get in the habit of sleeping on your back: Yes, I know it’s easier said than done but learning to sleep on your back will benefit you in so many ways.
  2. Tie your hair up (or to the side)
  3. Use a travel pillow.

Can you get a hoop when piercing your cartilage?

It is possible to get pierced with a ring in your cartilage or nose straight away so the answer is yes, we can pierce you with a ring! Other popular areas to have pierced with rings are the helix, nipple, conch, lip, eyebrow and navel/belly. You may have heard that you should not pierce with rings.

Is a hoop or stud better for cartilage piercings?

Is a Hoop or Stud Better for Cartilage Piercings? It is always better to get a cartilage piercing initially done with a stud. It is easier for the piercing to heal on a long, straight post rather than a curved post. Once healed, you can change out the piercing’s stud for a hoop or any other style that fits your mood.

How do you sleep when you just got your cartilage pierced?

How long should I wait before changing my cartilage piercing?

Cartilage piercings take 6 months- 1 year to completely heal. However, piercers are realistic and know people aren’t going to wait a full year. It’s usually okay to begin changing out piercings around 3-6 months afterward. If you notice your piercing isn’t healing as quickly, wait a little longer.

How long until I can change out my cartilage piercing?

Most piercing points suggest 4 to 6 weeks for changing cartilage but it’s better to wait at least 8 to 10 weeks. It also depends on how many times your ear is infected. When you feel fully safe then you can change your cartilage piercing, you can change them with small size earrings.

How long does it take for a cartilage piercing to heal?

Cartilage piercings typically take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to heal completely. They heal from the outside in, which means that it may look healed on the outside long before the healing process is actually complete.

What to wear in a cartilage piercing?

The most common metals to be used as cartilage piercing earrings are gold, silver, platinum and even stainless steel. Apart from this precious, semi-precious stones, crystal, diamonds studs are equally popular as earrings. The trend is now for beads and plastic accessories. They may be studs, hoops, rings, pins, cuffs or dangling items.