What station is power FM on the radio?

What station is power FM on the radio?

POWER 98.7
Power987 – Home – POWER 98.7.

How do I contact power FM?

You’re invited to call in to engage with our presenters on 0861 987 000, and you can also make use of our Whatsapp line, 0833037093 and leave us a voice note. POWER 98.7.

What is the frequency for power FM?

Listen to Power FM on 103.5 FM frequencies while in Accra and if you’re out of range, you can stream the station through online radio platforms.

What number is power FM?

98.1 Power FM – Home | Facebook.

What frequency is Radio 702 on FM?

FM 92.7
702 is a commercial FM radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa, broadcasting on FM 92.7 and FM 106 to the greater Gauteng province….Radio 702.

City Johannesburg
Broadcast area Gauteng, South Africa
Frequency 92.7 MHz, 106 MHz
Format Adult talk radio, news and information

What is Ballarat radio station?

Region: Central Vic

Station kHz/MHz Location
ABC News Radio 94.3 Ballarat
ABC Classic FM 105.5 Ballarat
Triple J 107.1 Ballarat
ABC Ballarat 107.9 Ballarat

Who is owner of Power FM?

MSG Afrika Investment Holdings
The radio station is owned by MSG Afrika Investment Holdings, led by Given Mkhari, with shareholders including Ndalo Media, led by Khanyi Dhlomo; Zico, led by Sandile Zungu; and various other investors.

How many listeners does Phalaphala FM have?

Phalaphala FM – 87.9 to 107.8 MHz Phalaphala FM is an SABC-owned radio station that targets the Venda speaking and understanding audience. It has an average listenership of 804,000 based on BRC April 2019 to March 2020 stats. Phalaphala FM frequency is 107.8MHz in Johannesburg and 100.1 MHz in Pretoria.