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What station is Jack FM in Baltimore?

What station is Jack FM in Baltimore?

102.7 Jack FM
WQSR (102.7 MHz, “102.7 Jack FM”) is a commercial FM radio station licensed Baltimore, Maryland. The station is owned by iHeartMedia through licensee iHM Licenses, LLC….WQSR.

Broadcast area Baltimore metropolitan area
Frequency 102.7 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding 102.7 Jack FM
Format Adult hits

Where is Jack FM moving to?

Midwest Communications is giving the “Jack-FM” Variety Hits brand an upgrade in Kalamazoo. The format of “96.5 Jack-FM” WZOX Portage moved to 106.5 WVFM Kalamazoo replacing AC “FM 106.5” overnight.

Does Jack FM still exist?

Jack FM is a radio network branding licensed by Sparknet Communications, with the exception of the European Union where it sold the rights in 2015 to Oxis Media.

Is Jack FM on Iheart?

97.7 Jack FM | iHeartRadio.

What happened to Jack FM Richmond VA?

SummitMedia has dropped the Variety Hits “100.9 Jack-FM” format on 100.9 WJSR Lakeside/Richmond VA. At midnight the station began stunting as “Short Attention Span Radio” running auditorium hooks of songs. WJSR had debuted the now former “Jack-FM” format in October 2018.

What happened to Jack FM Greenville?

On December 27, 2017, the station relaunched under the Jack FM brand, with no change in format. On June 1, 2021, W258CB shifted its format from Adult Hits to Classic Hits as Awesome 99.5.

Why is Scott Garceau not on MASN?

He switched jobs in 2020, leaving behind talk radio to become the primary play-by-play announcer for MASN’s Orioles telecasts, a spot that fully opened because of a contract dispute between the network and Gary Thorne, a nationally recognized announcer who had spent the previous 13 seasons as MASN’s main Orioles’ voice …

How old is Keith Mills?

He was 50. Mills died while he was training during his shift at Walker’s Point in Kennebunkport, according to his brother, Todd Mills of Gorham. The Medical Examiner’s Office has conducted an autopsy to determine his cause of death. Mills’ death at the Bush compound is considered a line-of-duty death.

What kind of music does JACK FM play?

Jack FM stations do not accept song requests from listeners. The format has also been likened to an MP3 player set on shuffle mode. The stations that have the Jack FM format are in most cases officially classified as ” adult hits ” or “variety hits” by radio research companies.

Who is the owner of 102.7 Jack in Baltimore?

102.7 Jack-FM is an Adult Hits radio station serving Baltimore. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia. Frequency: 102.7 FM

When did Jack FM start broadcasting in the UK?

In October 2006, the UK’s first Jack FM format station won a broadcast licence for the Oxford area. 106 Jack FM Oxford started broadcasting at 1:06 PM BST on October 18, 2007. On December 2, 2009, Bristol radio station Original FM changed to Jack FM after requesting a format change with OFCOM.

Where did the name Jack FM come from?

Jack was also inspired by the success of CHUM Limited ‘s ” Bob FM ” brand on CFWM radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Program director Howard Kroeger was inspired to create Bob FM after hearing a mix tape at a friend’s 40th birthday party.