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What size are Shimano chainring bolts?

What size are Shimano chainring bolts?

Outer diameter of male bolt across threads is 7.7mm, outer diameter of female sleeve/nut is 9.6mm. Diameter of both across the pan head is 11.6mm. These are the measurements for a Shimano 5700 compact crank 50/34 stock chainrings, for future reference.

Are Ultegra chainrings interchangeable?

The current Ultegra chain rings are in fact physically compatible with the 105. They do not look good on the 105 crank, however, because when Shimano redesigned the Ultegra and DuraAce level cranks to their Hollowtech II design, the made the chain rings hollow as well.

Are all chainring bolts the same?

Each chainring bolt – the number will vary depending on the chainset design, but is usually four or five – consists of two parts, a female-threaded ‘outer’ part and a matching male ‘inner’. The outer nut has a standard external diameter of 10mm so theoretically the bolts can be used to fit any chainset.

Are Shimano chainrings interchangeable?

Thus, cranks from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are freely interchangeable along with those from all aftermarket brands (e.g. FSA, Rotor, Praxis, etc.). And while it is preferable to match the chainrings/crankset to the transmission, there is no strict need to do so.

How tight should chainring bolts be?

A Shimano “General Operations” manual states the tightening torque for road chainwheels is 12-14 N-m. For mountain bike chainwheels it’s upped to 14-16 N-m for large and middle ring and 16-17 N-m for the smallest ring of a triple.

Are chainring bolts a standard size?

Chainring bolts are a standard, one size spec for granny rings, no nuts, the single, double (or u can get longer bolts for single with bashgaurd or double with bash guard). So 4mm nuts and bolts to go with them is proper size.

How long does an Ultegra chainring last?

A steady rider who stays on the big ring, keeps the drivetrain clean and doesn’t let the chain get too long before replacing it, and started with good quality components can get 60,000+ miles out of a chain ring.

What is the difference between Shimano Ultegra 6800 and R8000?

Shimano boasts that, “At its lightest set up (Di2 with mechanical braking) Ultegra R8000 weighs 4,071g, which is an 84.5g saving over Ultegra 6800.” In some formats, outgoing Ultegra 6800 is actually a little lighter than incoming Ultegra R8000.

Do all chainrings fit all cranks?

Largely speaking, yes. As long as your attempting to replace them with a chainring(s) designed to work with your chainset. Your cranks will have a specific bolt layout or fitment spec so you can’t just fit a BMX chainring to your triathlon bike.

Can I change chainring size?

Can I Change Chainring Size? Yes yeah can but you cannot just change your current chainring for something that does not work with your current setup. Meaning the new chainring you get for your bike needs to works with your current chainset. Your cranks will have a specific bolt layout or fitment spec.

Do chainring bolts need Loctite?

Chainring bolts don’t need much torque and they rarely come loose (i’m inclined to say never). Loctite will just make removal more difficult, and generous coat of grease will prevent corrosion just fine in practice.

Should you grease chainring bolts?

In other words all metal to metal threads should be greased or thread-locked…. this seems to be the rule. Yes, grease the chainring bolts. You could try a very very weak thread lock, but grease is enough.