What pop culture events happened in 1987?

What pop culture events happened in 1987?


  • Moonstruck. “Moonstruck” was the movie that led to an Oscar win for Cher.
  • The Rise of Dirty Dancing. Dirty Dancing was released in May 1987 and was an unexpected hit.
  • House of Games.
  • Madonna’s Disappointment.
  • Three Men and a Baby.
  • Fatal Attraction.
  • Teen Movies.
  • Aretha Franklin in the Hall of Fame.

What was trendy in 1987?

Popular Culture 1987. Prozac makes its debut in the United States.

  • Popular Films. Three Men and a Baby.
  • Popular Musicians. Michael Jackson with ” BAD ” Album and a Single.
  • Popular TV Programmes. The Cosby Show.
  • Born This Year 1987. Hillary Duff.
  • Technology. The Food and Drug Administration approves anti-AIDS drug AZT.
  • What were popular items in 1987?

    15 Things From 1987 That Will Make You Wonder How It All Happened In The Same Year

    • 1) “The Simpsons” premiered as a series of shorts on “The Tracey Ullman Show”
    • 3) Cher won an Oscar for her performance in “Moonstruck”
    • 5) Guns N’ Roses released one of the biggest rock albums of all time; “Appetite For Destruction”

    What was 1987 famous for?

    One of the most famous events in 1987 was when Ronald Reagan visited West Berlin and delivered a speech calling for the leader of the USSR, Gorbachev to open the Berlin Wall, which had separated West and East Berlin since 1961. In the middle of the speech, Reagan famously said, “Mr Gorbachev…

    What was the biggest news story in 1987?

    World Statistics William Buckley, American hostage in Lebanon, reported slain (Jan. 20). Iraqi missiles kill 37 in attack on US frigate Stark in Persian Gulf (May 17); Iraqi president Hussein apologizes (May 18). Prime Minister Thatcher wins rare third term in Britain (June 11).

    What’s my age if I was born in 1987?

    The number of years from 1987 to 2021 is 34 years.

    What were the prices of things in 1987?


    Cost of a new home: $127,200.00
    Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.22
    Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $0.95
    Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.78
    Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.28

    What was the most popular toy in 1987?

    Koosh ball
    1987 – Koosh ball It was a good choice too and the Koosh ball became the best selling toy of 1987.

    Who died in 1987?

    Date of Death between 1987-01-01 and 1987-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

    • Rita Hayworth. Actress | Gilda.
    • John Huston. Director | The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
    • 3. Lee Marvin. Actor | The Dirty Dozen.
    • Randolph Scott. Actor | Roberta.
    • Fred Astaire. Actor | The Towering Inferno.
    • Bob Fosse.
    • Jackie Gleason.
    • Lorne Greene.

    What was the biggest news story in 1986?

    President Ferdinand Marcos flees Philippines after ruling for 20 years; newly elected Corazon Aquino succeeds him (Feb. 26). Union Carbide agrees to settlement with victims of Bhopal gas leak in India (March 22). Major nuclear accident at Soviet Union’s Chernobyl power station alarms world (April 26 et seq.).

    What are some fun facts and trivia from the year 1987?

    Gregory DeVictor is a trivia enthusiast who loves to write articles on American nostalgia. This article teaches you fun facts and trivia from the year 1987. Why Was the Year 1987 so Special? What are some fun facts, trivia, and historical events from the year 1987? What were the top news stories in the U.S. and around the world?

    What was the biggest movie of the year in 1987?

    The year that gave us both The Simpsons and Red Bull. 1. Three Men and a Baby was the BIGGEST movie of the year, while Fatal Attraction and Beverly Hills Cop II were the second and third (respectively). 2. And the big teen movies were Can’t Buy Me Love, The Lost Boys, and Some Kind of Wonderful.

    What was the most popular TV show in 1987?

    Here are the five most popular TV shows from 1987-88: The Cosby Show (NBC) Roseanne (ABC) A Different World (NBC) Cheers (NBC) 60 Minutes (CBS) Here are ten cool food and beverage trends for the year: This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and historical events from the year 1987.

    Who was President of the United States in 1987?

    History Facts From the USA and World In 1987, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, and George H. W. Bush was Vice-President. The U.S. unemployment rate dipped to 5.8%. The rate of inflation was 3.65%. In other words, $1.00 in 1986 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $1.04 in 1987.