What movie should I watch if I like Inception?

What movie should I watch if I like Inception?

15 Movies To Watch If You Love Christopher Nolan’s Inception

  1. 1 Interstellar (2014)
  2. 2 The Matrix (1999)
  3. 3 Shutter Island (2010)
  4. 4 Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)
  5. 5 The Game (1997)
  6. 6 The Butterfly Effect (2004)
  7. 7 Minority Report (2002)
  8. 8 Predestination (2014)

Is there any movie better than Inception?

If you’re looking for more movies like Inception, the two other Nolan films that hew most closely are 1999’s brain-splitter Memento, and 2006’s treacherous The Prestige. First, there’s Shutter Island, which has a lot of overlap with Inception, and not just because they star the same guy.

What movie is after Inception?

“Inception” cast members star in “Shutter Island” (2010), “Flatliners” (2017), and “Looper” (2012). Nolan has also impressed viewers and critics with his films “Memento” (2001), “Interstellar” (2014), and “Tenet” (2020).

Is Inception appropriate for an 11 year old?

Kids are likely to become bored with the initial lack of action and complicated plot. We feel that in terms of content, ‘Inception’ should be appropriate for children aged 8 and over, however anyone younger than 12 will probably struggle to stay interested in the story.

Is Tenet like Inception?

While Tenet is not a direct Inception sequel, John David Washington himself has confirmed the films are related. Two simultaneous ten minute missions meeting at the middle (hence the word “Tenet”) and the gesture of two hands locking together.

Does Inception say the F word?

OUR WORD TO PARENTS: The following is a brief summary of the content found in this action/drama film that’s been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of a variety of expletives, but no “f” or “s” words, while some colorful phrases are also uttered.

Does Inception have cuss words?

It does have a great deal of mind-bending action sequences to keep attention on the screen. There’s no nudity, I didn’t notice many swear words, and the violence is stylized and not particularly bloody. I do think that younger children might either be uninterested in the concept or confused by the layers of dreams.

Which is the best movie to watch like Inception?

Below we have given some movies to watch like inception. Go through the list and find your favorite- [ryvl video_url=”

Who is the director of the movie Inception?

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece “Inception” has become a global phenomenon since its release in 2010, creating a proliferation of film discourses, video essays and fan websites surrounding the nature of its complex storyline.

Are there more movies like Inception than paprika?

Inception is no exception. This is not a criticism but merely an acknowledgement of cinema’s rich tapestry, meaning that there are more films like Inception out there for you to watch. Here at Taste Of Cinema we have assembled the ten best ones. Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. 1. Paprika (2006)

Are there any similarities between inception and the anime?

In fact, the similarities between the two films is so strong that many people have accused Nolan of ripping off the anime classic.