What is suffix on bank account?

What is suffix on bank account?

It’s a piece of information that identifies the exact account. For example, checking, savings, auto loan, etc. The transfer recipient can find that number in two places. In the mobile app, the suffix is found next to the account name on the Accounts page.

What is the suffix for ANZ bank?

a prefix representing the bank and branch (six digits), otherwise known as the Bank code; the body (seven digits); and. the suffix representing the product/account type (two or three digits)….Account number prefix.

Bank name Bank prefix Branch range
ANZ 01, 04, 06 and 11 (see below) 0001–5699
BNZ 02 0001–1299

What is Westpac NZ bank code?

The SWIFT code for Westpac New Zealand is WPACNZ2W. This code applies to all branches. SWIFT codes are assigned to banks around the world to help with electronic payments.

How do I find my suffix number?

The suffix is the twodigit number listed after the dash in the number under each account name. For checking accounts: Provide the 14digit account number at the bottom of your Quorum checks beginning with 1594 (e.g., 15940123456901).

What are examples of suffix?

Common Suffixes in English

Suffix Meaning Example
-ment condition of argument, endorsement, punishment
-ness state of being heaviness, sadness, rudeness, testiness
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-sion, -tion state of being concession, transition, abbreviation

Which suffix means to make?

-fy. a verbal suffix meaning “to make,” “cause to be,” “render” (simplify; beautify); “to become,” “be made” (liquefy).

What branch is my bank?

If you have a bank account, the address of your bank branch might be printed on your statements, checks or other mail from the bank. Otherwise, you can call your bank or look online to find your branch.

What does BSB mean in banking?

Bank State Branch
A Bank State Branch (BSB) number identifies the individual branch of a financial institution within Australia. This six-digit number, plus your account number, is what we use to identify your account.

How do you find the suffix of a word?

A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word (for example, -ful). If you add the suffix -ful to the base word, help, the word is helpful. A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a word or base word (for example, un-). If the prefix un- is added to helpful, the word is unhelpful.

What’s the suffix for a bank account number?

Where a bank displays the suffix as two digits, a leading zero is added to pad the suffix to three digits; i.e. BBbbbb-AAAAAAA-SS becomes BBbbbb-AAAAAAA-0SS. This format allows customers to have a single account number with differing suffixes for multiple accounts of differing types.

What is the format of a bank account number?

Format of account numbers. Account numbers are generally presented in the format: BB-bbbb-AAAAAAA-SSS. where B is the bank number (2 digits), b is the branch number (4 digits), A is the account number (7 digits) and S are digits of the suffix (2 or 3 digits). Where a bank displays the suffix as two digits, a leading zero is added to pad the

When do you use the Star suffix on a banknote?

A “star” suffix is used to identify notes that serve as replacements during the production process. If you’d like to learn more about the U.S. currency production process, please visit

How are bank account numbers prefixed in New Zealand?

Account number prefix. Bank accounts are prefixed with six digits, two indicating the bank and four which indicate the branch. The table below shows which banks are allocated which bank prefix. A current list of branches as their associated bank/branch numbers is available for download from the Payments NZ website.