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What is ScrapeBox?

What is ScrapeBox?

Scrapebox – a forbidden word in SEO. I bet everybody knows Scrapebox, more or less. In short – it’s a tool used for mass scraping, harvesting, pinging and posting tasks in order to maximize the amount of links you can gain for your website to help it rank better in Google.

How much is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox is a piece of software that costs $97. This software collects (or scrapes obviously) information off of the internet. Some of its features include: Harvesting of proxies.

How do I get a free ScrapeBox?

Free Dofollow and Nofollow Link Checker Simply click “Load Target Sites” and load a text file with a list of your backlinks, then in the “Your Website” type your website URL. This tool is multi-threaded and you can type the number of connections you wish to use, then just click Start.

How do you scrape mail?

This tutorial will help you get emails addresses from any websites at any time without limits!

  1. Step 1: Import modules. We import six modules for this project.
  2. Step 2: Initialize variables.
  3. Step 3: Start scraping.
  4. Step 4: Export emails to a CSV file.

What’s the new version of scrapebox v2.0?

It’s also fully compatible with https urls, Gzip and even IPv6 as well as having a resizable GUI and numerous new features and performance improvements. You can see the work that’s gone in to the v2.0 by viewing the changelog here.

How can I use scrapebox as a proxy?

ScrapeBox can harvest proxies from various websites and forums which publish proxy lists, so you can add the URL’s of your favorite proxy websites. ScrapeBox will visit these and fetch the published proxies, test them for working proxies and save the good proxies.

Is there a keyword scraper like scrapebox?

Don’t worry ScrapeBox has you covered with it’s lightening fast keyword scraper. There’s a gold mine of keywords out there amongst various “suggest” services like Google Suggest. When you type in to search boxes of various services, many pop down suggestions for related and long tail searches.

What can I do with scrapebox for WordPress?

You can add specific country based search engines, or even create a custom engine for a WordPress site with a search box to harvest all the post URL’s from the website. If the site has a search box, chances are ScrapeBox can work with it!