What is Oracle MMAN process?

What is Oracle MMAN process?

MMAN background process manages the dynamic resizing of SGA memory components depending on load for database. Uses the the metrics collected to determine the ideal distribution of memory within oracle. It constantly monitors the database and adjusts the memory allocations according to workloads.

What is M000 background process in Oracle?

M000 background process generates a trace file at database startup, related to PGA sizing. The trace file contains information related to process memory, similar to the following: Note the allocation of 384MB for qesmmCheckPgaL in the above.

What is role of FBDA background process?

Flashback Data Archiver Process (FBDA) is a background process that provides the ability to track and store transactional changes to a table over its lifetime. FBDA is also responsible for automatically managing the flashback data archive for space, organization (partitioning tablespaces), and retention.

What is MMON process in Oracle?

MMON (Manageability Monitor) is a background process that gathers memory statistics (snapshots) and stores this information in the AWR (automatic workload repository). MMON is also responsible for issuing alerts for metrics that exceed their thresholds. This process was introduced in Oracle 10g.

What are Oracle background processes?

The background processes of the Oracle instance manage memory structures, asynchronously perform I/O to write data to a file on a disk, and perform general maintenance tasks. The database writer writes modified blocks from the database buffer cache to the files on a disk.

What are the background processes in ASM?

ASM background processes in 11gR2

Background Process Description
RBAL ASM Rebalance Master Process
ARBn ASM Rebalance Process
DBWR Database Writer Process
SMON System Monitor Process

What are the background processes involved in data guard?

The Data Guard monitor process (DMON) is an Oracle background process that runs for every database instance that is managed by the broker. When you start the Data Guard broker, a DMON process is created.

What are the background processes involved in Data Guard?

What is the purpose of Smon background process?

SMON (System MONitor) is an Oracle background process created when you start a database instance. The SMON process performs instance recovery, cleans up after dirty shutdowns and coalesces adjacent free extents into larger free extents.

How do I start MMON?

Restart MMON process in oracle database

  1. Grant restricted session to public: This grant is required to avoid any impact on the sessions connecting to database.
  2. Enable and disable restricted sessions.
  3. Revoke the restricted session: revoke restricted session from public;
  4. Check MMON process; ps -ef | grep mmon.

What is background processes?

A background process is a computer process that runs behind the scenes (i.e., in the background) and without user intervention. Typical tasks for these processes include logging, system monitoring, scheduling, and user notification.

Why system background processes are used?

Background processes can perform essential tasks that make other software programs run faster, or perform tasks that are necessary or useful and simply don’t need the attention of the person using the computer. Background processes typically aren’t visible to the average user of a computer or mobile device.