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What is Irish Tune from County Derry?

What is Irish Tune from County Derry?

Londonderry Air
The “Londonderry Air” is an Irish air that originated in County Londonderry, Ireland. It is popular among the American Irish diaspora and is well known throughout the world. The tune is played as the victory sporting anthem of Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games.

When was Irish Tune from County Derry?

Irish Tune from County Derry (published 1918) is based on earlier settings that date back as early as October 1902 with an essentially identical setting of this melody for wordless mixed chorus. Later versions for solo piano (1911) and string orchestra with two optional horns (1912) followed.

Who wrote Irish Tune from County Derry?

Percy Grainger
Irish Tune from County Derry/Composers

Was percy Grainger Irish?

Percy Grainger, the Australian-born, German-trained, American-naturalized maverick musician, arranged and published it as a wordless ”Irish Tune From County Derry. Grainger is the subject here, not ”Danny Boy”; he needs a roundabout introduction, since the song is far better known than its multifaceted discoverer.

Is Londonderry air the same as Danny Boy?

‘Danny Boy’, aka ‘The Derry Air’, aka ‘The Londonderry Air’, is the city’s single most famous export. It is also probably the most-recorded Irish song of all time and has served as a national anthem for the Irish, Irish-Americans, Irish-Canadians and Irish-Australians.

Who composed dannyboy?

Frederic Weatherly
Danny Boy (Arr. McKay Crockett)/Composers

What country is Percy Grainger from?

Percy Grainger/Nationality

Percy Grainger, original name George Percy Grainger, (born July 8, 1882, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia—died Feb. 20, 1961, White Plains, N.Y., U.S.), Australian-born American composer, pianist, and conductor who was also known for his work in collecting folk music.

What county is Derry in Ireland?

Londonderry county borough

Derry/Londonderry Scots: Derrie/Lunnonderrie Irish: Doire/Doire Cholmcille Maiden City
County Londonderry county borough
Country Northern Ireland
Sovereign state United Kingdom

How old is Londonderry?

“Londonderry Air” was discovered by Jane Ross in 1851 when she heard a traveling fiddler playing on the street of Limavady, Ireland. Ross asked if she could notate the music for her friend in Dublin who was trying to preserve the ancient music of Ireland.

Why didn’t Percy Grainger live in his home country?

His decision to leave England for America in early September 1914, after the outbreak of the First World War, damaged his reputation among his patriotically minded British friends. Grainger wrote that the reason for this abrupt departure was “to give mother a change” – she had been unwell for years.

What are Percy Grainger most famous works?

Percy Grainger was a megastar of the European, North American and Australian stage, commanding huge fees and attracting sell-out audiences for his concert piano performances. His most famous work, an arrangement of the folk song Country Gardens, broke its publisher’s sales records for 75 consecutive years.

Is Danny Boy the Irish national anthem?

By popular acclaim, ‘Danny Boy’ has become the national anthem of countless millions around the world who feel they’re Irish, but who couldn’t hum ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ if their lives depended on it. For a syrupy love song, ‘Danny Boy’ has caused more than its share of upsets and arguments.