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What is default-information originate metric?

What is default-information originate metric?

The command default-information originate metric 20 metric-type 1 tells OSPF to propagate 0.0. 0.0 with a starting metric of 20. This behaves like the redistribute command except it only redistributes the default route. The parameter metric-type 1 tells OSPF to advertise the route as an external type 1 route.

What does default-information originate always do?

In OSPF, the “default-information originate” command will not advertise to any other routers without a default route in the routing table. When added the “always” keyword , it tells the router to advertise a default route to other routers even if you don’t have a default route in the routing table.

What is default-information originate?

As you probably already know, default-information originate tells the router to inject any default route that has been configured on the router into the OSPF. The OSPF router does not, by default, generate a default route into the OSPF domain.

What is default-information originate RIP?

Routing protocols exchange routing information which can contain regular routes and default routes. Configuring default-information originate on the middle router’s RIP process tells RIP to distribute a default route out the interfaces on which it is enabled to all other RIP-speaking routers.

What is passive interface default?

The Default Passive Interfaces feature simplifies the configuration of distribution devices by allowing all interfaces to be set as passive by default. In ISPs and large enterprise networks, many distribution devices have more than 200 interfaces.

On which router is the command default-information originate should be used?

Instead, OSPF requires the default-information originate router subcommand, which essentially tells OSPF to redistribute any default routes found in the routing table, either static routes or routes from another routing protocol.

What is default originate in BGP?

“default-information originate causes the default route to be artificially generated and injected into the BGP RIB, regardlessly of whether it is present in the routing table.”

How do you show a RIP route?

Displaying RIP Routes To see a listing of the RIP routes in the switch’s routing table, use the show ip rip database command.

What is the purpose of the passive-interface?

The passive-interface command tells an interface to listen to RIP or IGRP routes but not to advertise them.

Which is the default metric in Cisco IOS?

The metric value of the default route. The default metric is 10. Optional. Defines the link type associated with the default route. Possible values are 1 (Type 1 external route) and 2 (Type 2 external route; the default). Optional. Defines the route map to use for the default route.

What is OSPF default-info originate metric Type 1?

In my production routers under the router ospf 1 process there is the configuration “default-information originate metric-type 1”.

How does the default-information originate command work?

Oke, the #default-information originate command is used to advertise and default route to other OSPF router in area, but with the always command this somehow is forced?? So how and based on what will the router originate a defualte route??

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