What is an equality impact assessment NHS?

What is an equality impact assessment NHS?

The EQIA is a toolkit to help us work through this process. Staff members are required to consider positive or negative impact of all strategies and policies. This includes General, Clinical and Human Resources (HR) policies.

What is an equality impact assessment UK?

The equality impact assessment is a systematic and evidence-based tool, which enables us to consider the likely impact of work on different groups of people. Completion of equality impact assessments is a legal requirement under race, disability and gender equality legislation.

When should you carry out an equality impact assessment?

The EIA should be done when the need for a new policy or practice is identified, or when an existing one is reviewed. Depending on the type of policy or activity advice can be sought from either your HR team, your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team, your Peer Review Policy team or their equivalents.

Who needs an equality impact assessment?

What is a quality impact assessment?

Quality Impact Assessment (QIA) are required to be undertaken on new plans, programmes, projects and savings schemes. They support quality governance by assessing the impact on quality to inform and enable appropriate decision-making.

What is the purpose of an equality impact assessment?

Equality impact assessments (EIA) are a tool to help colleges and universities ensure that their policies, practices and decisions are fair, meet the needs of their staff and students and that they are not inadvertently discriminating against any protected group.

How to prepare for an equality impact assessment?

Equality impact assessment template Equality Impact Assessment Initial Screening – Relevance to Equality Duties Before you complete an EIA you must read the guidance notes and unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of the equality legislation and duties, it is strongly recommended that you attend an EIA training course

Is there any evidence that the Equality Act will have a negative impact?

Therefore, there is no evidence at present to suggest that the proposals and options detailed within the consultation document will result in a negative or positive equality impact. Further consideration can be given to this matter after the consultation exercise has taken place. 11.

What are the outcomes of the equality consultation?

There are three key outcomes proposed by the consultation to merge existing LJAs. To improve the effectiveness of delivery of justice by improving flexibility in dealing with cases. To make better use of our judicial resources in Wales.