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What is a sentence for proponent?

What is a sentence for proponent?

She is the most high-profile proponent of a theory that video games have the power to heal. Not at all, say its proponents. He was a leading proponent of a rational, sensible approach. There, he was an early proponent of the armed attack helicopter.

What is proponent example?

Proponent means someone who is in favor of something. You might be a proponent of longer vacations, but your parents are proponents of a longer school year. If you’re in favor of long school vacations, you’re pro or “for” long vacations.

How do you write a proponent in a simple sentence?

Proponent in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because April loves animals, she is a fierce proponent of the animal rights movement.
  2. Marie is such a proponent of water conservation that she only takes a shower once a week.

Who is the proponent?

Proponent comes from the same Latin word as propose, so a proponent is someone who proposes something, or at least supports it by speaking and writing in favor of it.

What is a good sentence for prosperity?

He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury. We should not envy the prosperity of others. The reason of his prosperity is known to everyone. He is not jealous of the prosperity of his brothers.

What is a project proponent?

Definition: Project Proponents are the entities or individuals organizing, proposing, or advocating a particular carbon offset project. The project proponents could be the project designer(s), developer(s) and/or investor(s), or other parties working on behalf of the project.

What is project proponent example?

How do you use prudent in a sentence?

Prudent sentence example

  1. She agreed it had been prudent to warn her.
  2. Isn’t seeking medical or scientific help a prudent course to take?
  3. Now as he sat and waited he wondered if the decision had been a prudent one.
  4. She reluctantly agreed following up on my sighting would be prudent and wouldn’t do any harm.

How do you use punitive in a sentence?

Examples of punitive in a Sentence The federal government will take punitive action against the company that polluted the river. Lobbyists complain that the bill would impose punitive taxes on the industry.

Who was proponent of meaningful learning?

David Ausubel
The Meaningful Learning Theory is attributed to David Ausubel. According to this theory, students are considered to be the center of the teaching learning process, and the teachers are the facilitators. Meaningful Learning occurs when the new information is related to prior knowledge.

Who is the proponent in law?

Definition of PROPONENT: Plain English translation: A proponent is a person who proposes something. In the context of New York estate law, a proponent is used to refer to the person who proposes that a last will is valid. In other words, the proponent of a will is the party who offers it for probate.

What is a good sentence for affect?

Affect sentence example. She wasn’t going to let a little rain affect her good mood today. Something had happened to affect her between their discussion the previous night and this morning. It would be nice if I could make the decisions that affect my future, for once.