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What is a passing score on the ASP exam?

What is a passing score on the ASP exam?

The minimum passing score for the ASP exam is 61%.

Is the ASP exam hard?

The ASP examination is a rigorous and difficult examination to pass and one should be allowed to maintain the credential if they so choose by virtue of passing the exam. Additionally, the ASP as a designation did not require any continuing education or recertification maintenance.

How long does it take to study for the ASP?

I recommend scheduling the CSP soon after the ASP, if possible, so you don’t have to re-learn material covered in the ASP Exam. I studied for the ASP every other day for several hours for an intensive two-month period. I took the exam, passed, and then spent about 1-2 months studying for the CSP.

How do I become an ASP?

To obtain the ASP certification, safety practitioners will need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field or an Associate’s in safety, health, environmental or a closely related field. At least one year of experience at a professional level with breadth and depth of safety duties is also required.

How much math is on the ASP exam?

The Mathematics section takes up approximately 18 percent of the exam’s full content. Each question featured on this portion of the test will fall under one of nine specific topics, all of which are based on the concepts you’ve learned throughout your ASP training.

What is the ASP exam like?

The actual exam is on the computer and has a five hour time limit. There are 200 multiple choice questions (A through D) on the exam. You are able to “flag” questions and go back to any question at any point in time.

What is ASP for safety?

Associate Safety Professionals (ASP) are persons who perform at least 50% of professional level safety duties including making worksite assessments to determine risks, potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluating incident and loss …

Do you need an asp to get a CSP?

A CSP® designation requires applicants to have an existing BCSP-qualified credential, such as an ASP®. If you meet the qualifications, you also need to complete the CSP® exam and maintain your certification via continuing education.

What is the salary of an ASP?

What is the Salary of ASP? The salary of Assistant Superintendent of Police according to 6th pay commission is 15,600-39,100 INR along with grade pay of Rs 5,400.

What is the pass rate for the CSP exam?

CSP Certification Pass/Fail Statistics

Test Date N (All) Pass (All)
January – June 2020 67 43 (64%)
July – December 2019 108 77 (71%)
January – June 2019 100 70 (70%)
November – December 2018 46 33 (72%)