What howitzer was used in Vietnam?

What howitzer was used in Vietnam?

The M102 is a light, towable 105 mm howitzer used by the United States Army in the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, and the Iraq War….M102 howitzer.

Traverse 360°
Rate of fire Maximum: 10 rpm Normal: 3 rpm
Effective firing range 11.5 km (7.1 miles)
Maximum firing range 15.1 km (9.4 miles) with rocket-assisted projectile

How accurate was artillery in Vietnam?

The 8-inch howitzer was the most accurate artillery weapon system in the US Army’s arsenal. It was capable of firing a 200 pound High Explosive (HE) projectile to a maximum range of 16,800 meters (10 miles). Its best known feature was its ability to hit “Point Targets” with consistent accuracy.

How far could artillery shoot in Vietnam?

This 175 mm artillery piece entered service in 1962, alongside the M110, an 8-inch self-propelled howitzer. It could fire shells as far as 25 miles away – and this long range proved very handy during the Vietnam War.

What artillery was used in Vietnam?

When the war started, the standard artillery weapons in use were: a variant of a WWII era weapon, the M101 (towed) 105mm howitzer; the M108 Self Propelled (SP) 105mm; M109 (SP) 155mm; M114 (towed) 155mm, another obsolete WWII era model; the M110 – 8” (SP); and the M107 175mm (SP) Gun, the only non-howitzer weapon that …

What rifle did snipers use in Vietnam?

The sergeant primarily waged war in Vietnam with one of the new M40 sniper rifles, a modified version of the Model 700 Remington 7.62mm bolt-action rifle that was first introduced in 1966.

Did US soldiers use AK 47 in Vietnam?

While the Soviet Avtomat Kalashnikova has become the iconic weapon of bad guys in Hollywood blockbusters and big-budget video games, U.S. commandos made good use of the rugged rifles in Vietnam. “This resulted in the AK-47 being something of a prestige weapon.”

What size mortars were used in Vietnam?

The Army rejected it, but Marines in Vietnam relied on the M19 60mm mortar.

How many artillery shells were fired in Vietnam?

1,307 rounds
23, 1968, the North Vietnamese slammed 1,307 rounds of artillery, mortar and rocket fire into the Marine base. Although knowing their rounds would fall far short, the Marine gunners fired counter-battery salvos, satisfying, at least psychologically, their desire to hear some outgoing fire.

What was the most common sniper rifle in Vietnam?

M40 rifle

Used by United States
Wars Vietnam War Lebanese Civil War Invasion of Grenada Gulf War War in Afghanistan Iraq War
Production history
Designer Remington Arms

What kind of howitzer was used in the Vietnam War?

M102 howitzer. First introduced during the Vietnam War, the M102 was the light-towed 105 mm howitzer used by the United States Army in the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, and most recently in the Iraq War .

When was the M102 towed howitzer first used in Vietnam?

In 1966 a new 105-mm towed howitzer, the M102, was received in Vietnam. The first M102s were issued to the 1st Battalion, 21st Field Artillery, in March 1966.

What’s the muzzle velocity of a 105 mm howitzer?

The 105-mm howitzer M102 is a lightweight towed weapon, which has a very low silhouette when in the firing position. The M102 howitzer fires a 33-pound projectile of semifixed ammunition and at charge 7 will fire 11,500 meters. It has a muzzle velocity of 494 meters per second.

How big is the field of view of an M102 howitzer?

The weapon can be elevated from -89 mils (-5 degrees) to a maximum of 1,333 mils (75 degrees). The panoramic telescope has a four power, fixed focus optical system, with 178 mils field of view. It contains dry nitrogen gas to retard fogging and condensation.