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What happens in episode 158 of Fairy Tail?

What happens in episode 158 of Fairy Tail?

In a Night of Falling Stars is the 158th episode of the Fairy Tail anime. It is revealed that the winning Fairy Tail team is to get whatever they want from the losing team, which increases both team’s fighting spirit. In the end, Rufus wins the first event and Gray swears revenge on him and Raven Tail.

Does Lucy beat flare?

Everyone is baffled that it was erased, and Flare, still frightened, looks up and concludes that Obra had intervened. Erza and Elfman Strauss are puzzled and Lucy falls, ending the battle with a victory for Flare.

What episode does fairy tail win the Grand Magic games?

“Fairy Tail” Gloria (TV Episode 2014) – IMDb.

Which Fairy Tail episodes are filler?

Fairy Tail Filler Season 1 (2009–2010)

Sr. No. Episode Name Episode Type
19 Changeling! FILLER
20 Natsu and the Dragon Egg! MOSTLY FILLER
21 Phantom Lord CANON
22 Lucy Heartfilia CANON

Does Lucy beat Corona?

Under unknown means, however, when the spell is about to hit Flare, Lucy’s Magic Power vanishes, along with Gemini, and Lucy falls to the ground defeated, with Flare Corona being announced the winner of the fight.

Who is flare Corona?

Flare Corona is a former Dark Mage, as well as one of the elite members of the Raven Tail guild. She is one of the characters in Fairy Tail and a supporting antagonist during the Grand Magic Games Arc.

Who is jellal’s fiance?

Jellal and Meredy | Fairy Tail Couples Wiki | Fandom.

Who defeated Rufus in GMG?

The Grand Magic Game. Sting defeats Bacchus Rufus Lore stops walking as he sees through the Lacrima vision Team Fairy Tail standing still, eyes closed, next to one another, not moving an inch; confusing the commentators and the audience as well as the cheering Fairy Tail members.

Does Lucy defeat brandish?

Lucy attacks Brandish in the sand whirlwind Wasting no time, Lucy summons Scorpio, while, at the same time, donning a Star Dress of the respective Spirit. As Scorpio launches an upgraded version of Sand Buster, Lucy gets ready to make use of it, hitting Brandish with a barrage of attacks inside the sand whirlwind.