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What happened with Jenna Marbles?

What happened with Jenna Marbles?

Jenna Marbles said last year that she was leaving YouTube “for now or forever.” In a now-offline video from June 2020, Jenna addressed and apologized for videos from 2011 and 2012, including one in which she wore blackface to impersonate Nicki Minaj, as CNN reported.

What was Jenna Marbles known for?

She started on YouTube in 2010 Her most popular video — the viral hit that catapulted her into YouTube notoriety, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” — has racked up over 67 million hits since she posted it in July 2010.

Why is Jenna Marbles not making videos anymore?

YouTube star Jenna Marbles announced on Thursday that she’s quitting vlogging after fans asked her to apologize for racist videos she’s made, saying there are things in her past she’s not proud of. “It’s awful, it doesn’t need to exist, it’s inexcusable, it’s not OK,” Mourey said about the racist videos.

Did Jenna and Julien break up 2020?

Luckily, it doesn’t seem that Jenna and Julien have actually broken up. While Jenna may no longer be present on the internet in any public sense, her absence has not translated to her relationship, and it appears the couple are still very much together.

Are Jenna and Julien still together 2020?

Former YouTube personality Jenna Marbles is engaged to her boyfriend, YouTuber Julien Solomita, after eight years of dating, according to an E! News report. Julien revealed the engagement during a Twitch stream on Friday, April 16. So, we are engaged,” Julien, 28, said during the stream.

Is Marbles the dog still alive?

Marbles Is Still Alive — An Update on Jenna Marbles’ Dogs. Since posting her goodbye video in June 2020, Jenna Marbles has not returned to the internet. Recently her partner of eight years Julien Solomita announced on a Twitch stream that he and Jenna are engaged! …

Who is Jenna Marbles boyfriend?

Julien Solomita (2013–)
Jenna Marbles/Partner

Is Jenna Davis dating someone?

Jenna Davis’s marital status is unmarried. She is not dating anyone for now and there is no insight into any of her past relationships.

How rich is Jenna Marbles?

Jenna Marbles is one of the most successful female YouTubers of all time. She has the incredible count of 18 million subscribers and 2.6 billion viewers which explains her incredible net worth….

Net Worth: $8 Million
Source of Wealth: Professional YouTube Personality
Last Updated: 2021