What does SoBo and NoBo mean?

What does SoBo and NoBo mean?

If a NoBo is someone that hikes the trail from Georgia to Maine heading North, then a SoBo is someone who hikes the trail starting up on Mt. Katahdin, Maine, and ends at Springer Mountain, Georgia. This is why the ATC website reccommends that you start your hike after June or mid-July.

What is a Nero in hiking?

Nero – Short for “nearly zero,” or a partial day off (very few miles walked) during a long-distance hike.

How many murders have there been on the Appalachian Trail?

The first known murder on the Appalachian Trail took place in 1974. To date, there have been 13 total murders recorded.

What is a flip flop thru-hike?

A flip flop thru-hike is when a hiker starts their hike at a less conventional spot to then return to complete the remainder of the trail. So, on the Appalachian Trail, instead of starting in Georgia or Maine, you could start somewhere in the middle to head north.

What is a Nobo?

What Is a Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner (NOBO)? A non-objecting beneficial owner (NOBO) is a beneficial owner of a company who gives permission to a financial intermediary to release their name and address to the companies or issuers in which they have bought securities.

What is a flip flop hike?

What is a zero in hiking?

Zero Day: Any day when you’re not gaining mileage toward the end of the trail; often this is resupply day where you lay over in a nearby town. Nero Day: Nearly a zero day. One hikes just a few miles, often spending most of the day in a nearby town.

Has anyone ever been killed on the Appalachian Trail?

Jordan fatally stabbed Ronald Sanchez Jr., 43, of Oklahoma City, on the trail early May 11, 2019, in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Ronald Sanchez Jr, from Oklahoma, aka Stronghold, on the right. Veteran, Appalachian Trail hiker killed in Virginia.

What counts as a thru-hike?

Essentially, a thru-hike is an end-to-end backpacking trip on a long-distance trail like the A.T. or the PCT. More than 2,100 miles long, the A.T. runs from Georgia to Maine, while the PCT, at more than 2,600 miles long, runs from Mexico to Canada.

When do you start the Appalachian Trail Sobo hike?

People who decide to hike SoBo on the Appalachian Trail can start in June, which is when people are first allowed to register for their southbound hikes. Because of this, most hikers start their SoBo thru hikes in June or early July.

What is the difference between a Nobo and a Sobo hiker?

Simply put, a NoBo hiker is someone who is hiking northbound on a trail, while a SoBo hiker is hiking southbound. These terms are commonly used on long-distance trails like the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.

What are the advantages of hiking the Sobo trail?

Note that advantages are based on typical SoBo hiking start and end dates. Hiking a long-distance trail southbound means you will be hiking with the cooler weather, typically finishing a trail in the Fall of Winter. This is an advantage if you prefer hiking in cooler temperatures.

Can you hike the Appalachian Trail in one day?

Here are things to consider and a variety of approaches. Multi-day hiking spans from spending an overnight on the Appalachian Trail to hiking every part of it through a series of multi-day hikes over many years. Here’s what you need to know. The adventure of a lifetime.