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What does IPE mean in flooring?

What does IPE mean in flooring?

Ipe is not an abbreviation. Rather, it’s the common name of Tabebuia serratifolia, a tropical hardwood lumber specie. The correct pronunciation is “EE-pay”. Other common names for ipe include Brazilian walnut and ironwood.

What does IPE stand for in wood decking?

Brazilian walnut
Ipe, also called Brazilian walnut or lapacho, is a dense and resilient wood that comes from the forests of Central and South America. Like other tropical woods, ipe bears some unique characteristics. It’s a particularly durable wood that weathers fantastically and looks beautiful.

What does IPE mean in construction?


Acronym Definition
IPE I-Profile Européennes (French: European I-Beam profile, construction industry)
IPE International Pizza Expo
IPE Integrated Performance Evaluation (US FEMA)
IPE In-band Parameter Exchange

What is IPE material?

Ipe is considered a low maintenance hardwood decking material. Ipe wood is impervious to decay and insects including termites. An oil finish can be applied to high density Ipe hardwood to help it keeps its original colorations. Or you can allow Ipe decking to age gracefully to a pale silvery gray weathered patina.

Is Ipe good for flooring?

Typically found in rainforests, the trees can grow to heights of 120 feet to 160 feet. The diameter of the tree ranges between three and six feet. Ipe is a popular choice for hardwood flooring because of its extreme durability and unique grain.

How long does Ipe wood last?

Ipe is more durable than other woods. Within ipe wood are natural oils that preserve it; combined with the wood’s exceptional density, you can expect an ipe deck or fence to last up to 50 years without replacement.

How long does ipe wood last?

How can you tell if wood is IPE?

Characteristics – Authentic IPE wood is brown, with small variations that add character to it. In some cases, you should be able to find a few boards in a darker shade of brown that are almost black. Some are red, and some may be greenish. In any case, the texture should be very fine, with a lovely graining pattern.

What does IPE exam mean?

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What is IPE military?

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Why is Ipe so hard?

1. Ipe is hard as nails. Ipe is extremely dense less susceptible than other woods to burning, with a fire rating that is the same as steel and concrete. But the density can make it difficult for contractors if they are trying to saw and nail it.

Does Ipe need to be sealed?

Do I have to seal Ipe wood? No, but you really should. During the initial exposure of your Ipe decking or hardwood siding on site, weather, especially UV rays, take a toll on outdoor woods. Proper UV protection helps minimize surface checking on your deck or siding boards.

Is IPE decking a finished product?

Ultimately, Ipe and Cumaru or decking products like these are NOT finished products. They require additional work downstream from the lumber yard like cleaning and/or sanding.

What is the Best Engineered hardwood flooring?

The Janka hardness rating of the hardwood used for the veneer on your engineered flooring will guide you to the best choice for your intended flooring use. Vanier Hard Maple, Brazilian Cherry and Hand-scraped Oak, Red Oak, and Black-Stained White Oak are all excellent engineered floors for high traffic areas.

What is the cheapest hardwood flooring?

The cheapest is probably going to be pine. This is also very easy to work with, but if you are looking for some sort of hardwood, maple is usually what butcher blocks are made of and is usually relatively cheap depending on where you live.

What is IPE decking material?

Ipe wood decking is an all natural, real wood, renewable product. Synthetic decking materials are typically made from plastics and/or wood “flour”.