What do you need to disassemble a Remington 870?

What do you need to disassemble a Remington 870?

This should be pretty basic knowledge to those who understand the mechanics of how a shotgun works. When you begin to disassemble the Remington 870 bolt, you must first make sure that all the shells and ammunition have been removed from the chamber and magazine cap of your Remington 870 shotgun.

How do you remove magazine cap from Remington 870?

Push the action bar lock upward and pull the forend back to open the action. Slide the forend back, approximately halfway. 3. Unscrew and remove the magazine cap (magazine extension).

How does magazine spring work on Remington 870?

If you have a magazine cap, the spring is held in place by a magazine spring retainer; if you have a magazine extension, the spring is held by the extension itself, and will fly away when the extension is removed. Be careful to hold the magazine extension firmly and decompress the magazine spring slowly. Attention!

What is the firing pin on a Remington 870?

Video which shows Remington 870 bolt disassembly and firing pin removal. The bolt of the Remington 870 firearm is a mechanical part that is responsible for shielding the rear of the chamber when firing the weapon. That way, the propellant can burn without affecting any of the other unused shells in the magazine tube.

What kind of magazine extension do I need for Remington 870?

These easy to install magazine extensions can add 3+ additional shells to your mag tube. We have tough and reliable Remington 870 mag extensions available from top brands like Wilson Combat, Carlson’s and GG&G. Pick up a new 870 mag extension today and hit the range.

Can a Remington 870 pump action shotgun be cleaned?

The Remington model 870 pump action shotgun is one of the most popular shotguns ever made. It is a rugged and reliable weapon. Although it is capable of performing even with heavy use and abuse, properly cleaning your 870 will keep it working smoothly and looking beautiful for many, many years.