What causes the pull cord on a lawn mower to get stuck?

What causes the pull cord on a lawn mower to get stuck?

While the slight movement of your pull cord means there is likely debris where there shouldn’t be, no movement at all is a sign of a damaged recoil starter. Your pull cord can sometimes cross over itself when it’s rewinding, causing your cord to become easily stuck.

Why will my pull cord not retract?

If the rope does not recoil, the spring needs to be recoiled manually or replaced, depending on the problem with the spring. Remove the starter from the engine. Remove the center bolt, cap, and pulley from the starter housing. Inspect the recoil spring.

How do you fix a pull cord on a lawn mower?

Let’s have a look at how to fix your mower starter clutch. Follow the steps outlined below to fix it. Steps to follow: Step #1: Remove The Spark Plug. Take the lawnmower into an even surface and unplug the lawnmower spark plug. Step #2: Remove The Pull Cord. Remove the pull cord from the handle of the mower. Step #3: Unscrew Starter Assembly Screws

What to do when your pull cord is stuck?

Remove the spark plug and move the spark plug wire out of the way. Pull the starter rope several times to clear oil out of the cylinder. You’ll see oil spray out of the spark plug hole. Wipe off the oil and reinstall the spark plug. Then connect the spark plug wire. Pull the starter rope to start the engine.

What causes a lawn mower pull cord to freeze?

Sometimes, it really is a simple fix. Often, a frozen or stuck pull cord for a lawnmower is due to a blocked blade. In this case, the rear debris shield was inadvertently pulled under the cutting deck. A rock or grass accumulation can also block the blade.

Why is my starter cord stuck on my lawn mower?

Tilt the lawnmower into its sideways to check the blade area. And clean it if you identify any blockage. Sometimes the mower starter clutch becomes seized because the ball bearing inside the clutch becomes rusted. Fixing this issue helps you to pull the starter cord freely.