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What banks are at Westwood Cross?

What banks are at Westwood Cross?

HSBC Bank plc. Banks. 560 yds | 26 Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Margate Rd, Broadstairs, CT10 2BF.

  • Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money. Bureaux de Change and Foreign Exchange. 480 yds | Dadson Way, Ramsgate, CT12 5FJ.
  • Lloyds Bank. Banks.
  • Lloyds Bank. Banks.
  • Barclays Bank plc. Banks.
  • HSBC Bank plc. Banks.
  • Santander. Banks.
  • Halifax. Banks.
  • What’s Open at Westwood Cross?

    June 2005
    Westwood Cross Shopping Centre/Opened

    What restaurants are at Westwood Cross?

    Food and Drink

    • ASK Italian. Open until 10PM today.
    • Bella Italia. Open until 10pm today.
    • Caffè Nero. Open until 5PM today.
    • Coffee Corner. Open until 6PM today.
    • Costa Coffee. Open until 8.30PM today.
    • Frankie & Benny’s. Open until 9pm today.
    • Greggs. Open until 6PM today.
    • McDonald’s.

    What is open in Broadstairs?


    • Dickens House Museum Closed until further notice.
    • Crampton Tower Museum Reopening from Saturday 3rd July (Weekends only)
    • Lillyputt Mini Golf Reopened.
    • Revolution Skatepark Reopened.
    • The Bank Job Bookings Reopened.
    • The Palace Cinema Reopened.
    • Westwood Cross Reopened.
    • Vue Cinema Closed Reopened.

    What county is Thanet?

    Isle of Thanet, island in the northeastern corner of the administrative and historic county of Kent, England, bounded by the Thames Estuary and two branches of the Great Stour River. It is 42 square miles (109 square km) in area and is composed mainly of a chalk outlier ending in the North Foreland.

    Is the Canterbury Bell open?

    Book now and you could win a two-night hotel getaway….Canterbury Bell.

    Pub Opening Hours
    Monday 12:00–23:00
    Saturday 12:00–23:00
    Sunday 12:00–22:30
    Food Service Times

    Is Margate nice to live?

    Located around 15 miles north-east of Canterbury on the Kent coast, Margate is an iconic seaside town with a rich historic and cultural heritage. In the past decade, Margate has enjoyed a great deal of investment, making it a cool, hip, and vibrant place to live.

    What is there to do in Margate during lockdown?

    Let’s explore the best things to do in Margate:

    1. Dreamland. Source: dreamland / facebook Dreamland.
    2. Margate Main Sands. Source: Padmayogini / shutterstock Margate Main Sands.
    3. Margate Old Town.
    4. Turner Contemporary.
    5. Shell Grotto.
    6. Margate Museum.
    7. Westbrook Bay.
    8. Hornby Visitor Centre.

    Why is the Isle of Thanet no longer an island?

    Thanet hasn’t always had such a close connection with the rest of Kent but why is it called an island? When the English Channel was formed by the sea breaking through, an island of chalk was left on the east side of the county. It was separated from the rest of Kent by the Wantsum Channel.

    Why is Thanet so poor?

    A swirling effect of employment, industry and location are routinely blamed for making Thanet unique in its scale of poverty.

    Is Margate a rough area?

    Crime and Safety in Margate, Kent Margate is the most dangerous major town in Kent, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Kent’s 335 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Margate in 2020 was 129 crimes per 1,000 people.

    Is Margate still a dump?

    It has been pilloried and lambasted, used and abused. Once a popular Victorian seaside resort, it is now a dump. The streets are dirty, rubbish bins overflow and there is graffiti everywhere.