What are the first 20 polygons?

What are the first 20 polygons?

Terms in this set (18)

  • Three. Trigon or Triangle.
  • Four. Tetragon or Quadrilateral.
  • Five. Pentagon.
  • Six. Hexagon.
  • Seven. Heptagon.
  • Eight. Octagon.
  • Nine. Nonagon or Enneagon.
  • Ten. Decagon.

What are the names of the 12 polygons?

Polygons: How Many Sides?

3 triangle, trigon
10 decagon
11 hendecagon
12 dodecagon, duodecagon
13 triskaidecagon, tridecagon

What is a 1000 sided polygon called?

In geometry, a chiliagon (/ˈkɪliəɡɒn/) or 1000-gon is a polygon with 1,000 sides. Philosophers commonly refer to chiliagons to illustrate ideas about the nature and workings of thought, meaning, and mental representation.

What is the name of a four sided polygon?

Definition: A quadrilateral is a polygon with 4 sides. A diagonal of a quadrilat- eral is a line segment whose end-points are opposite vertices of the quadrilateral.

What is the name of 11 sided polygon?

In geometry, a hendecagon (also undecagon or endecagon) or 11-gon is an eleven-sided polygon. What is the interior angle of a 20 sided polygon?

What are the different types of polygons in math?

Remembering 1 Pentagon (5 Sides) 2 Hexagon (6 Sides) 3 Septagon (7 Sides) 4 Octagon (8 Sides) 5 Nonagon (9 Sides) 6 Decagon (10 Sides) More

What are the names of the n-gon polygons?

List of n-gon names Sides Names Names Names 17 heptadecagon heptakaidecagon 18 octadecagon octakaidecagon 19 enneadecagon enneakaidecagon 20 icosagon

How do you name a 35 sided polygon?

To “construct” a name, we start with the prefix for the tens digit, follow it by “kai” (the Greek word for “and”), then follow it with the prefix for the units digit, and finally add “gon.”. Example: A 35-sided polygon is called a “triacontakaipentagon.”.

Which is an example of a 62 sided polygon?

Example: a 62-sided polygon is a Hexacontadigon. BUT, for polygons with 13 or more sides, it is OK (and easier) to write “13-gon”, “14-gon” “100-gon”, etc. Remembering. Quadrilateral (4 Sides) A QuadBike has 4 wheels. Pentagon (5 Sides) The “Pentagon” in Washington DC has 5 sides. Hexagon (6 Sides)