Is there a coastal walk from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay?

Is there a coastal walk from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay?

One of the favourite routes visitors to the area enjoy is the Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay walk. This cliff top route follows a very popular section of the Cleveland Way. It covers 7 miles and should take around 3 hours to complete.

How far is the coastal walk from Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby?

about 7 miles
This coastal walk follows a popular section of the Cleveland Way from Whitby to Robin’s Hood Bay. It’s a beautiful stretch of coast with pretty bays and cliff top views. The walk runs for about 7 miles on generally good, waymarked footpaths.

Can you walk along the beach from Robin Hoods Bay to Ravenscar?

The first is to walk down the very steep cliff from the end of the very furthest point of the village of Ravenscar or you can walk along the beach, when the tide is out, from Robin Hoods Bay or Boggle Hole (the latter is slightly closer). …

Which walk ends in Robin Hoods Bay?

Coast to Coast Walk
The path and trail also runs south of Robin Hood’s Bay towards Scarborough. Wainwright’s famous Coast to Coast Walk ends its journey from St Bees in Cumbria at Robin Hood’s Bay. A plaque by the quayside marks the end of the walk.

How much is a taxi from Scarborough to Robin Hoods Bay?

The quickest way to get from Scarborough to Robin Hood’s Bay Station is to taxi which costs £35 – £45 and takes 24 min.

What shops are there in Robin Hood’s Bay?

Shops, Businesses and Amenities

  • The Old Drapery.
  • Jessica Hogarth Shop.
  • Baytown Holiday Cottages.
  • Robin Hood’s Bay Book Shop.
  • North Yorkshire Off Road Centre.
  • Fylingdales Village Hall.
  • Muir Lea Stores.
  • Bay Private Hire.

Can you see seals at Robin Hoods Bay?

Yorkshire is home to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. There are around 300 seals living at the foot of Ravenscar – the rocky headland which features in just about every postcard photograph of Robin Hood’s Bay. …

Can you walk from Boggle Hole to Robin Hoods Bay?

At low tide you can return to Boggle Hole along the beach, but please carefully check the tide times beforehand. However, if you spend some time at Robin Hood’s Bay or factor in an afternoon on the beach, you can easily make a day of this delightful walk.

Why is Boggle Hole called Boggle Hole?

Boggle Hole is a small cove with uniquely curved-out hollows, worn away by the action of the sea and lies at the foot of a wooded valley. The curious name derives from boggle, or goblin, which legend states are said to haunt the slopes.

Can you catch a bus from Scarborough to Whitby?

Is there a direct bus between Scarborough and Whitby? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Scarborough, Railway Station Stop S station and arriving at Whitby, Bus Station station. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h.

Where does the cinder track start in Scarborough?

Sainsbury’s car park
This 21.7 mile walk or cycle route from Scarborough to Whitby begins in Scarborough in the mundane surroundings of Sainsbury’s car park, off Falsgrave Road.

Is there a beach at Robin Hoods Bay?

The beach at Robin Hood’s Bay has a powerful, natural beauty, all of its own, making a great destination for amateur photographers. At high tide the beach is largely submerged by water, but when the tide is out, an attractive, small, sandy beach with rocks and rock pools is revealed.

How long is the walk from Whitby to Robins Hood Bay?

Whitby to Robin’s Hood Bay 6 miles (10 km) This coastal walk follows a popular section of the Cleveland Way from Whitby to Robin’s Hood Bay. It’s a beautiful stretch of coast with pretty bays and cliff top views.

Where is Robin Hoods Bay on the bus?

Robin Hood’s Bay is on the X93 bus route, running between Middlesborough and Scarborough via Guisborough and Whitby. This means you can start the walk from either direction.

Where do you go on the coast path in Whitby?

You could return the same way or turn it into a circular walk by following a track inland to Hawsker and Stainsacre. The trail can be picked up in the village just to the west of the coast path. To extend your walk you can continue along the coast path to Ravenscar and visit Harwood Dale Forest.

How long is the Cleveland Way to Whitby?

This particular walk of about six and a half miles to Whitby is mostly along the clifftop and offers some amazing views of Robin Hood’s Bay and Saltwick Bay. The whole of the coastal section of the Cleveland Way is covered on the Ordnance Survey map OL27, the North York Moors – Eastern area.