Is Catholic capitalized in AP style?

Is Catholic capitalized in AP style?

Generally, yes. If you are referring to the Catholic Church, then “Catholic” and “Church” should be capitalized since they refer to a proper noun. If you are referring to someone who practices Catholicism, then you should capitalize Catholic as well.

Should Mass be capitalized AP style?

AP Style tip: Mass is celebrated, not said. Capitalize when referring to the ceremony; lowercase preceding adjectives: requiem Mass. THANK YOU!

Is the Catholic word Mass capitalized?

The word “Mass“, when referring to the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, should always be capitalized. Catholic Mass, as written with the upper-case initial, also functions to identify itself as a proper noun describing the specific liturgical ritual where the Eucharist is celebrated.

When Should Catholic be capitalized?

When capitalized, Catholic refers to the Catholic Church. With a lower-case “c,” catholic means “universal” and “inclusive.” If you listen to anything from hip-hop to Baroque, you have catholic taste in music.

What does AP mean after a priests name?

However, “The Rev.” alone before priests’ names is usually found in articles sourced from the United States, like the Associated Press (AP), in Philippine newspapers.

Do you abbreviate Reverend AP style?

Use of the Rev. is appropriate on first reference for most priests and ministers. Avoid using such words as father, pastor and curate before individuals’ names. In direct quotations, however, capitalize these terms when used as titles before names.

Do you abbreviate states in AP style?

When the name of a city and state are used together, the name of the state should be abbreviated (except for Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah). States should also be abbreviated when used as part of a short-form political affiliation. Examples: He was travelling to Nashville, Tenn.

How do you write the date in AP style?

Dates and times have a number of formatting considerations.

  1. Dates: Follow this format: Monday (day), July 1 (month + date), 2018 (year).
  2. Times: Don’t use colons for times on the hour.
  3. Days: Omit st., th., rd., and th.
  4. Months: Abbreviate Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.

Does nun have a capital letter?

Senior Member. Lowercase. A particular nun’s name may be rendered with her title in capital letters, e.g., Sister Mary, Abbess Agatha.

Do you capitalize master’s degree?

Proper nouns and formal names of departments and individuals are capitalized. In text, academic degrees when used in a general sense are not capitalized. (That campus offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees.) You can also use “bachelor’s” and “master’s” on its own, but do not capitalize.

How do you describe Catholicism?

Catholicism is a faith that revolves around the seven sacraments – baptism, reconciliation, Eucharist, confirmation, marriage, holy orders (joining the priesthood) and the sacrament of the sick (once called extreme unction or the last rites).

How to write religious references in AP style?

Below is a summation of AP Style rules for religious references. Capitalize the proper names of monotheistic deities. For example, Lowercase pronouns referring to the deity, “he,” “him,” “him,” “thee,” “thou,” “who,” “whose,” “thy,” etc. Lowercase “gods” in referring to the deities of polytheistic religions.

What does the Catholic University of America style guide mean?

To that end, The Catholic University of America Style Guide is designed to help everyone be effective, cogent ambassadors of the University’s image, reputation, and mission.

What do you capitalize in AP Style Bible?

Lowercase “heaven,” “hell,” “devil,” “angel,” “cherub,” “an apostle,” “a priest,” etc. Capitalize “Hades,” and “Satan.” For additional details, see AP Style Bible for frequently used religious terms. For major denominations see AP Style religious movements and AP Style religious titles.

Is there a style guide for the new pope?

To help with coverage of the selection of a new pope to succeed Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, The Associated Press has compiled a style guide of essential words, phrases and definitions. Some are based on entries in the AP Stylebook: http://www.apstylebook.com/.