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Is a DT360 a good engine?

Is a DT360 a good engine?

The DT360 is IMO, the best medium duty engine ever produced. It is light, wet linered (in-frame rebuildable), durable, and VERY easy to work on with no real issues. It is completely different than the DT466 (B&C), as the block, head, and all internal parts are smaller (shorter).

How much does a DT360 weigh?

My info on the DT466 shows 47-inches high, 26-inches wide, 47-inches long and weighs 1445 lbs.

What is the MaxxForce 10 engine?

The MaxxForce 10 powers Class 8 International® WorkStar™ and TranStar™ trucks with 310-350 hp and 1,050-1,150 ft. -lbs of torque. Beginning in January, MaxxForce engines become the signature powerplant for International® brand on-highway Class 4-8 commercial vehicles.

How do you turn a DT360?

Take the plug off with either a 5/16″ or 8mm allen wrench. Spin the star wheel towards the front of the pump(rotate towards the pass side) to increase low end power(smoke)and away for less low end smoke(essentially releasing the tension on the spring inside).

Is the DT466E a good engine?

The International DT466, DT466E, and MaxxForce DT are known as The Legend for good reason. They’re all very reliable engines mechanically and it isn’t unusual for the engines to outlast the trucks themselves.

Who makes the DT360 engine?

International Navistar DT360
International Navistar DT360 Motor Dt-360 Engine for sale online | eBay.

How many horsepower is a DT466?

International DT466 Specs

Manufacturer Navistar International *
Engine Weight 1,425+ lbs
B50 Life 550,000 miles
Horsepower Up to 300hp @ 2,200 rpm
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 860 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm

How heavy is a 7.3 PowerStroke engine?

920 lbs
7.3L Powerstroke Specifications

Years It Was Used: 1994.5-2003
Displacement: 7.3 Liters or 444 cubic inches
Engine Weight: 920 lbs
Bore: 4.11 inches or 104.4 mm
Stroke: 4.18 inches or 106.2 mm

Who builds MaxxForce engine?

Navistar DT engines
The Navistar DT engines are currently available in three configurations. These have been updated to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2007 emissions regulations. These variants have been renamed to conform to International’s new MaxxForce engine brand.

Who makes MaxxForce engine?

Navistar International, Inc.
Navistar MaxxForce EGR Diesel Engines and Navistar International, Inc. sold or leased 2011-2014 model year vehicles equipped with certain MaxxForce 11- or 13-liter diesel engines equipped with a defective EGR emissions system.

How much power can you get out of a dt466?

The engine can crank out more than 3,000 hp and can be spun to an insane 7,500 rpm.

How do I turn the fuel up on a dt466?

Loosen the 4 bolts to access the fuel plate, slide to front of engine, reinstall. Then turn the star wheel towards engine under the allen head bolt to adjust “smoke”.

What are the specifications of the International DT360 engine?

Specifications of the International DT360 Engine. The International DT diesel engines were used mainly for agricultural, construction and medium-duty applications. The DT engine family is based around a wet-sleeve design where the cylinder wall or sleeve is in contact with the engine coolant for added durability and improved heat transfer.

How big is the displacement of the DT 360?

Displacement. The International DT 360 has a displacement of 360 cubic inches or 5.9 liters; produced by six in-line cylinders with a bore and stroke of 4.010 by 4.751 inches.

Where can I buy a 1993 DT360 engine?

DT360 BLOCK, Good used condition, ready to go. Can ship for additional fee. We accept major credit cards, EFS and COM checks, and cash. (USED) 1993 International DT360 – Engine Assembly – Make: International.

Which is heavier a Cummins 6BT or a DT 360?

As to the weight, it’s heavier than a Cummins 6BT (975-ish), & less than a 466 (1400). Just a guess, I’ll say 1250. The internals are big & beefy like the 466 too. I’d suggest to keep the rpm below 4500 on stock hardware.