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How to get Lucky Tickets smt nocturne?

How to get Lucky Tickets smt nocturne?

Lucky Tickets are acquired through purchasing 1000 Macca worth of items in a Junk Shop. Initially, it is first encountered in the Junk Shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza.

Can you buy Incense smt nocturne?

You can get Incense as a random prize from the junk shops by collecting 10 Lucky Tickets. To earn a ticket, you must spend at least 1,000 Macca at a junk shop. Purchase 1,000 Macca worth of items at a junk shop to get 1 Lucky Ticket.

What is luck SMT Nocturne?

Luck (Luc): Increases various things such as being able to attack first, being able to escape successfully, and landing/evading hits. Having a high Luck stat allows you to open one of the doors in the Labyrinth of Amala.

How do you beat Matador?

Activating strong Physical or Magic attacks can help you inflict damage on Matador. He will utilize Force skills most of the time, so take advantage of this and equip Demi-Fiend with Hifumi Magatama and bring along demons that can Null or Absorb Force.

Where is the bill SMT Nocturne?

You can find the Bill inside the Back Room of Nyx’s Lounge in Ginza.

How do you get Gaea magatama?

The Gaea Magatama is obtained in Mantra HQ, locked behind a heavy door which the Demi-fiend cannot open without a base strength of at least 24.

How do I get to assembly of nihilo?

Assembly of Nihilo A. Return to Ginza, then head back to the Overworld and go to Assembly of Nihilo. From the main entrance, turn right and take the East elevator.

What is the max level in SMT Nocturne?

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne The level cap in the game is 255, but the number indicator maxes out at 99. Once a character has reached level 99, the amount of experience to reach the next level will stay constant from that point onward.

How do you talk to a demon in Nocturne?

How To Talk To Demons In SMT3 Nocturne. Talking to a demon is a pretty simple task. In order to access your sub-menus in battle, you need to press left and right on the d-pad. This will scroll through sub-menus where you can use items, run from battle, or talk.

What level should I fight matador?

When preparing to fight him, first level to at least 18. While it’s not impossible to defeat him at lower levels, the battle is that much more difficult. Make sure you bring on demons that have buffs which can raise hit/evasion, attack, and defense, as it will greatly reduce his effectiveness.

Where can I get a bill SMT 3?

Where to Find a Bill Shin Megami Tensei 3. From the Underpass Amala Link room, take the save room teleporter back to Ginza. You’ll find the bill in the back room of Nyx’s bar, though Loki won’t let you through.