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How to free Arclight ghost master?

How to free Arclight ghost master?

Arclight can be unlocked in either The Calamityville Horror or Poultrygeist. To be freed, he needs a mortal to get close enough to his skeleton to possess them. The best way to do this is to bind Stonewall to the pile of rubble next to the false wall and use Tremor. This will cause one of the bricks to be dislodged.

How do I free the static Ghost Master?

To free him, his body must be dislodged from the chimney. There’s two ways to do this. The easiest is to bind a ghost to the roof top and have them use Tremor. A harder method involves having mortal’s free him.

How to free maxine Factor?

Maxine Factor can be freed in either The Calamityville Horror or Poultrygeist. To free her, a woman must take an interest in her make-up kit and try some of it on. This can be done by waiting until a female mortal is near the room and using Maxine’s Intrigue power.

How can I get free Moonscream?

Moonscream can be unlocked in Summoners Not Included or The Blair Wisp Project. To free her, she must reveal her new ghostly self to a mortal. This simply requires her to use Strange Vision or Spooky Surprise while someone – most likely her former husband himself – is in the basement and can see her.

How do I get a free raindancer?

To free her, the toilet she’s stuck in must be flushed. This mostly requires patience, as the only ones who can flush the toilet are the mortal film students. However, the mortals won’t even approach the outhouse until the beehive on it is dealt with. The hive can be destroyed by using powers like Tremor near it.

How do you free the blue murder Ghost Master?

Blue Murder can be freed in either The Unusual Suspects or Ghostbreakers. To free her, the corrupt cop must be discovered and brought in to see her body. To discover the corrupt cop, Officer Andrew Haid – the guard of the evidence room – must be scared away from his position.