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How to download and install HP Quality Center?

How to download and install HP Quality Center?

Step 13) Now we can launch Quality Center by using the URL : http://localhost:8181/qcbin/. The ALM 12.0 would be launched as shown below.

What are the features of the HP Quality Center?

HP Application Lifecycle Management tool provides the core functionality of HP Quality Center along with the following features: Project Planning and Tracking: This tool allows the users to create KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) using ALM data and tracks them against the project milestones.

What does HP ALM formerly known as Quality Center?

Introduction to HP Application Lifecycle Management/Quality Center: HP ALM formerly known as Quality Center is a Test Management tool to manage entire Quality Assurance and testing process for an organization. Before being called HP Quality center it used to be Mercury Test Director.

Where can I download HP Functional testing 11?

QTP 11 is now available for download. HP has packaged QTP 11, all its add-ins and HP Service Test under the heading of HP Functional Testing 11. You can download the entire package here (iso file, 3.61 GB). QTP 11 is available as a 30 days trial unlike its predecessors which were only available for 14 days. (New users need to register on HP’s site.

What is HP Quality Center ( QC ) testing tool?

In its earlier avatar as Quality Center, the test management tool was developed by Mercury interactive. It is now developed by HP as A pplication L ife Cycle M anagement Tool (or) ALM that supports various phases of the software development life cycle. ALM also provides integration to all other HP products such as UFT and Load Runner.

When did HP change its name to Quality Center?

In 2008, Version 8 was released, and the product was renamed as Quality Center. Later, HP acquired Mercury Interactive and rebranded all mercury products as HP. So Mercury Quality Center became HP Quality Center. In 2011, Version 11 was released, and Quality center was rechristened as HP ALM.

How to install HP ALM ( Quality Center ) in Windows 10?

3. Double click TCP/IP in the “Protocols for “Your Instance”” and go to IP addresses tab. Find IPAll drop down and set the port to 1433. Click Apply, than ok and restart the server, this should also be able to resolve this issue.

How to set up HP ALM platform service?

Here you need to key-in the passphrase such that there is a minimum of 12 characters. Step 7 − Application Server Tab opens. Choose “Jboss Application Server” and allow all others as default values. Step 8 − HP ALM Platform Service tab opens. Leave it empty so that your Windows login is used as the userid for starting the ALM Services.