How much power can a 1310 U Joint handle?

How much power can a 1310 U Joint handle?

1,600 lb-ft
While the 1310 series, the stock size for most Jeeps, is rated for 1,600 lb-ft of torque.”

What is the difference between 1310 and 1350?

Size and strength. The 1310 series joint is what you would expect to find stock in most Jeep or small trucks. A 1350 series joint/shaft is what you might find in many full size trucks. While it’s not 100% accurate, you could say that a 1310 is a “half ton” joint and a 1350 is a “one ton joint”.

Are all 1310 U joints the same?

For most cars, 1310-series U-joints are typical choice, but for performance applications, the rugged 1350-series joints are the better choice. The larger the series number, the larger the trunnion. Trunnions are the protruding shafts that the caps ride over….U-Joint Sizes.

Series Width Cap Diameter
7290 2.622 1.126″

What is the difference between a 1310 and 1330 U joint?

The most common U-joint used in Jeeps and 1⁄2-ton trucks is known as the Spicer 1310 series joint. 1330 joints use a larger body than the 1310 joint but the same-size trunnions and caps. They are often found in 3⁄4-ton trucks and allow more angularity than 1310 joints but are only marginally stronger.

What is a 1310 u-joint?

1310 U-Joint Series is the most common U-Joint ever used. It is still used on OE applications. 1.062 cap and 3.219 width. ( 1 1/16 x 3 1/4 close) 1330 U-Joint Series is very common and used on OE production.

What size u-joint do I need?

For U-joints with outside snap rings, you will need to measure from the edge of one u-joint cap straight across to the edge of the other u-joint cap. With these dimensions, it will be easy to identify what series of U-joint that you have. Another way to identify a u-joint is by properly measuring the pinion yoke.

How much power can an aluminum driveshaft handle?

An aluminum driveshaft will support up to 900 lb-ft or 900 to 1,000 hp, making it a great lightweight choice for most muscle cars. However, it is not as strong as steel, so some custom driveshaft shops do not have twist guarantees on aluminum driveshafts.

What vehicles use 1310 U-joints?

Commonly used in GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep and AMC car, light truck and 4×4 driveshafts as well as many other vehicles.

What is a 1310 U-joint?

What is a 1310 U joint?

How much horsepower can an aluminum driveshaft handle?

Which is a stronger U-joint 1310 or 1330?

Larger caps result in a stronger joint, while a larger cross will usually allow for more misalignment. For example, both 1310 and 1330 U-joints use 1.062″ diameter caps, however, the 1330 is.406″ wider and allows for more misalignment. Axle U-Joint Strength Ratings

What kind of yokes does the Spicer 1310 have?

Yokes, End Yokes, Spicer 1310, 26-spline Inner, Steel, Front Differential or Rear Differential Position, Dana 30/Dana 44, Each

How big should the nut be on a 1310 series?

1310 series and 1330 series should be tightened to 17 ft/lbs and 1350 series to 20 ft/lbs. You should never tighten the nuts on any u-bolt excessively. This will cause the cap to distort and the u-joint will fail prematurely.

Can a longer yoke be used on a short drive shaft?

Some transmission slip yokes are available with a longer barrel but they were designed longer for a specific application and not for the purpose of extending a shaft. Using one on a driveshaft that is actually too short for the application can lead to vibration and output shaft bushing failure.