How much is train ticket from Thessaloniki to Athens?

How much is train ticket from Thessaloniki to Athens?

Greek Railways (OSE) operates a train from Thessaloniki to Athens 5 times a day. Tickets cost €21 – €35 and the journey takes 4h 9m. Alternatively, KTEL Thessalonikis operates a bus from Thessaloniki Monastiriou to Athens every 3 hours. Tickets cost €36 – €39 and the journey takes 5h 45m.

How much is a bus ticket from Thessaloniki to Athens?

Thessaloniki to Athens by bus Tickets cost on average 43 USD. Travelers will enjoy a direct route without transfers.

Is Athens better than Thessaloniki?

While Thessaloniki is close to beaches of its own (more on that later!), Athens is way better connected to the islands. Therefore, if you’re planning a Greek island hopping trip by ferry, you’re going to want to start in Athens as it is much better connected to the islands.

How far is Thessaloniki from Athens by plane?

Flight distance from Athens to Thessaloniki (Athens International Airport – Thessaloniki Airport) is 186 miles / 299 kilometers / 161 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 51 minutes.

Is Thessaloniki cheaper than Athens?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Athens and Thessaloniki You would need around 2,624.89€ in Thessaloniki to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 2,700.00€ in Athens (assuming you rent in both cities).

Why is Thessaloniki important to Greece?

The city is renowned for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general, and is considered to be Greece’s cultural capital. The city’s main university, Aristotle University, is the largest in Greece and the Balkans. Thessaloniki is a popular tourist destination in Greece.

Is Thessaloniki close to Santorini?

The distance between Thessaloníki and Santorini Island is 520 km. The quickest flight from Thessaloniki Airport to Santorini Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h 10m.

How many days do you need in Thessaloniki?

You should spend 2 days in Thessaloniki. You will have enough time to discover Greece’s 2nd largest city. In fact, 1 day is enough to discover Thessaloniki’s main points of interest. It’s easy to get around the city on foot, as most tourist sites are close to each other.