How much does Prolozone therapy cost?

How much does Prolozone therapy cost?

The cost of prolozone therapy depends on the unique blend developed for you and your condition. Prolozone therapy typically ranges from $100-$200 per injection, and the frequency with which it is needed typically tapers off over time.

What is better Prolotherapy vs Prolozone?

In contrast, patients receiving Prolozone feel immediate improvement, with very little or no pain at all during or after the treatments. Prolotherapy requires many injections, whereas Prolozone only requires a few. This means that Prolozone is faster, and typically much less expensive.

Is Prolozone therapy the same as ozone therapy?

By repairing the connective tissue, this is all that is needed to permanently reverse chronic pain. Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique similar to Prolotherapy that uses ozone. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal much more quickly than in traditional Prolotherapy.

What is Prolozone therapy good for?

Prolozone therapy can be used by doctors to treat patients with a wide range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Prolozone is effective at addressing pain, as it assists in regenerating damaged ligaments – and once the ligament is fully healed, the pain will be gone for good.

Does Prolozone therapy really work?

Luckily, Prolozone Therapy is highly effective in treating osteoarthritis! In fact, many patients have even experienced complete relief of severe osteoarthritis in the hips and knees because of Prolozone. This is because Prolozone Therapy encourages cartilage regeneration in targeted areas.

Is Prolozone therapy covered by insurance?

Most health insurance policies do not currently cover prolozone injections. Our patient advocate will discuss payment options with you before any treatment.

What is the success rate of prolotherapy?

Studies suggest a success rate (“greater than 50% improvement in pain level”) of 80-90% for all patients.

Are Prolozone injections safe?

Prolozone therapy and other regenerative injection therapies are extremely safe and have been safely administered to hundreds of thousands of patients. Ozone gas is extremely safe when injected into tissue and or joints.

How long does Prolozone therapy last?

The combination of these three components promotes proper circulation and regeneration of the damaged tissues, tendons, or muscles. Most patients experience instantaneous relief upon receiving their first injection of Prolozone. However, Prolozone Therapy is typically most effective after 3-5 sessions. Dr.

Are Prolozone injections painful?

Prolozone Therapy: Injection of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals into painful areas to stimulate the body’s healing response. This treatment is similar to prolotherapy, but is less painful and fewer areas on the body are injected.

How painful is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy injections are mildly painful, much like a flu shot, and can be numbed with a topical cream as needed. Speak with your doctor about what medications you are able to take for any soreness that may occur afterward.

Can prolotherapy make you worse?

With most prolotherapy procedures you can expect to feel a small amount of stiffness, discomfort, or pain in the area for the hours or days following the procedure. This is completely normal. However, if the pain or other symptoms persist or get worse over time, contact your physician right away.

Where to find prolozone therapy in your area?

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Where is the best prolotherapy clinic in Florida?

Florida’s Original Prolotherapy Practice. Located in Clearwater, Florida and serving all of the Tampa Bay area, Prolotherapy Florida has been providing prolotherapy treatments to patients since 1991.

What kind of Doctor does prolozone ozone injection?

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How to call prolotherapy Florida for chronic pain?

Call Prolotherapy Florida to Learn How We Can Help – (727) 787-5555. Prolotherapy can treat… In addition to Prolotherapy injections, Prolotherapy Florida also offers Platelet Rich Plasma injections for treating chronic pain and degenerative joints.