How much does an iPhone 6S cost in 2021?

How much does an iPhone 6S cost in 2021?

In August 2021, the average sale price for the 32 GB option was $88, the 64 GB option was $95, the 128 GB option was $117, the 16 GB option was $80.

How much is a used iPhone 6S cost?

Condition Quotes: iPhone 6/6S Best Used Price

Model Excellent Good
6S – 16GB $57 $41
6S – 32GB $66 $45
6S – 64GB $56 $51
6S – 128GB $73 $73

What can I do with an old iPhone 6S?

7 ways to make use of your old iPhone

  • Sell or donate it.
  • Make it a dedicated music player.
  • Turn it into a kid’s entertainment device.
  • Make it an Apple TV remote.
  • Make it a permanent car, bike, or kitchen fixture.
  • Use it as a baby monitor.
  • Turn it into your bedside buddy.

What can I do with an old iPhone 6s?

How long does an iPhone 6S last?

How long does an iPhone 6s battery last?

Battery life (hours) Higher is better HTC 10 7h 10 min (Average) Apple iPhone 6 5h 22 min (Poor) Samsung Galaxy S7 6h 37 min (Average) Apple iPhone 6s 8h 15 min (Average)
Charging time (minutes) Lower is better HTC 10 100 Apple iPhone 6 147 Samsung Galaxy S7 88 Apple iPhone 6s 150

Is it worth replacing battery on iPhone 6S?

If you like your iPhone 6s and you want it to have better battery life and be faster, by all means, please replace the battery. It will be cheaper than a new phone and will be much better for the environment. Apple will make your phone run slower as the battery ages so that the phone won’t crash due to low voltage.

What do I do with my old iPhone after upgrade?

What to Do With Your Old iPhone After an iPhone Upgrade

  1. Pass It On.
  2. Make It an iPod Touch.
  3. Turn It Into a Security Camera.
  4. Use It as an Apple TV Remote.
  5. Recycle It.
  6. Sell It.

How much does an iPhone 6S cost on eBay?

Total Ratings 198, $215.00 New. $94.47 Used. Apple iPhone 6s – 16GB – Space Gray (Unlocked) A1633 (CDMA + GSM) 4.6 out of 5 stars. (301) Total Ratings 301, $295.99 New. $99.99 Used.

Which is the best part of the iPhone 6S?

The cover glass is the strongest, most durable glass used in any smartphone. Security, right at your fingertips. Using an fingerprint sensor is faster and better than ever, Touch ID makes unlocking your phone easy and secure. And it lets you use Apple Pay at hundreds of thousands of shops and within participating apps.

When did the Apple iPhone 6S come out?

The Apple iPhone 6s may just be your next smartphone of choice. The Apple iPhone 6s was released into the world in September of 2015, yet continues to be an iconic phone, especially among consumers that cannot get enough of Apple products. The 6s was the next Apple phone to follow the iPhone 6.