How much does a 38 billfish cost?

How much does a 38 billfish cost?

With an $815,000 base price, the 38 Billfish will attract both hardcore anglers and those looking for a family vessel with a flybridge and accommodations not offered on similar-sized center consoles.

What’s the smallest Viking boat?

37 Billfish
The smallest Viking Yacht built today is the 37 Billfish, although that model has recently been replaced with the 38 Billfish. The Viking 38 Billfish is exactly 38′ 8” and is a perfect boat for the owner who wants to operate the vessel without a captain and crew.

How much do Viking yachts cost?

Viking Yachts for sale come in all price range, we can get you a Viking yacht starting from the price range $100,000 which can go up to a whopping $2,000,000.

What is a billfish boat?

Billfish is a boat builder in the marine industry that offers boats for sale in a variety of sizes on Boat Trader, with the smallest current boat listed at 24 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 39 feet, and an average length of 25.52 feet.

How much is a 92 Viking?

“The Viking 92 is going to cost $10 million and up when it’s all said and done,” says Rich Lucas, SI Yachts Viking Brand Manager. “Viking builds a 92 Convertible, a 92 Enclosed Bridge, and a 92 Skybridge which are all just options.

Did Viking buy Ocean yachts?

Viking Yachts signed a letter of intent to buy the land and structures of fellow New Jersey sportfisherman builder Ocean Yachts and plans to build some of Viking’s smaller yachts at the Mullica Township plant. “We are kind of at full capacity here.

Is a swordfish a shark?

Swordfish are predatory marine animals that are found in tropical or temperate oceans. The bill of a Swordfish is also much longer than a typical Marlin’s, being 1/3 of their total body length. The pec fins and dorsal fins of a Swordfish are also more similar to that of sharks, such as the Mako, than that of Marlins.

How fast is a 92 Viking?

With a top end speed of 36 knots, the Viking 92 can look like a freight-train to smaller vessels trying to navigate around its wake.