How long does it take to climb Ubirr?

How long does it take to climb Ubirr?

The walk to Ubirr takes about an hour and is 1 kilometre via a circular walking track from the car park. The climb to the lookout takes a further 30 minutes. During the tropical summer months access is restricted – check with the Bowali Visitor Centre for the latest information.

Do you need a permit for Jabiru?

You’ll need a park pass to experience Kakadu’s World Heritage wonders. Park passes can be purchased online and are valid for 7 days. Your park pass helps us maintain the park’s facilities, preserve its World Heritage sites and support traditional owners and their community.

Does Jabiru have a supermarket?

Jabiru is a small town of around 1500 permanent residents and there is more than one supermarket. It’s a proper supermarket with a full range of stuff, right in the middle of the town. The only problem with it is finding your way through the centre of the town itself.

Why is Ubirr rock closed?

Ubirr, one of Kakadu National Park’s premier lookouts and rock art sites reopens today following an extended closure out of respect for the passing of senior Murrwan-Uringangk Traditional Owner, Mr M.

Why is ubirr sacred?

This site was said to have been visited in the dream-time by ‘Garranga’rreli’, the Rainbow Serpent. On this visit she sang, bringing the people, animals and plants into existence. This song line, is still sacred to the Indigenous people of the region today.

Is the road from Jabiru to ubirr sealed?

The two main roads through the park, the Arnem Highway and the Kakadu Highway, are fully sealed. So are the side roads to Jabiru, Ubirr, Nourlangie and Yellow Water. Yes, all the big attractions are along the bitumen.

Can you swim at Jim Jim Falls?

For your safety, swimming is prohibited in all waterways in this area. The only exception is the plunge pool and beach pool where you may swim at your own risk.

Can you buy alcohol in Jabiru?

You cannot drink alcohol in public in Jabiru. You can drink alcohol in licensed premises and in private homes.

What shops are in Jabiru?


  • service station.
  • supermarket.
  • newsagent.
  • post office (Commonwealth Bank Agency)
  • Westpac Bank.
  • travel agent (Kakadu Tours)
  • medical centre and chemist.
  • police.

How old is Ubirr?

Kakadu’s rock art is of enormous international significance. The park has one of the world’s greatest concentrations of rock art sites. Some paintings are up to 20,000 years old, which makes the artwork one of the longest historical records of any group of people on Earth.

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Are there any Jabiru light sport aircraft for sale?

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Which is the best place to visit in Jabiru?

Ubirr is located approximately 40 km’s from the township of Jabiru and will no doubt leave a lasting impression etched in your memory for years to come. On entering the site there is a large car park with a number of picnic tables.

How to get to Ubirr rock art site?

Distance: The turnoff to Ubirr Rock Art Site is approximately 1 kilometre North from Jabiru Township along the Arnhem Highway. From the turnoff it is another 39 km’s West on sealed road. Opening Times: Daily, May to November from 8.30 am to sunset.