How do you unlock all the monsters in Rampage total destruction?

How do you unlock all the monsters in Rampage total destruction?


  1. 141421 – Unlock all monsters.
  2. 000000 – Disable all codes.
  3. 314159- Display game version.
  4. 874098 – Demo Mode with two random monsters.
  5. 986960 – Become invincible to military Attacks.
  6. 011235 – All ability upgrades.
  7. 071767- One hit destroys a building.
  8. 271828 – Unlock all cities.

How old is George from rampage?

George (Rampage 2018)
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 40-55ft (12-16 meters)

How many monsters are in rampage total destruction?

In addition to the 3 original monsters from Rampage, George, Lizzie and Ralph, the player will be able to find, unlock, and play over 20 collectable monsters.

Is there a GameShark for PS2?

Take your gaming to a new level with the GameShark 2 for the PlayStation 2 console. GameShark takes the #1 cheat software and enhances it with an improved interface, Auto and Expert cheat modes for easier code selection, and broadband compatibility for quick code updates.

Is the gorilla in rampage real?

Courtesy of Warner Bros. For Rampage, composer Andrew Lockington went ape (literally). Lockington used real monkeys for his score, a move that’s appropriate, given that the Dwayne Johnson blockbuster’s breakout star is George, a gigantic, albino gorilla brought to life by actor Jason Liles.

Will there be a rampage 2?

The possibility of Rampage 2 depends only on its availability. But so far Johnson has quite busy years and a few projects already underway. So if Rampage 2 is actually made, it will have to wait until at least 2024 to see it on screen.

What is PS2 GameShark?

Like the Game Genie cheat systems of the past, the PS2 GameShark is the ultimate code machine for video game players. With this device, which covers hundreds of PS2 games, players can cheat, hack and warp games to their liking.

Why is the gorilla White in Rampage?

Rampage (2018) In the film, George is the film’s main tritagonist and is an albino silverback gorilla who was rescued by Davis Okoye from being slaughtered from poachers. When that happened the two shared a strong friendship after that.

Is rampage linked to Godzilla?

While it’s difficult to buy into the idea that Rampage’s Lizzie isn’t actually based on Godzilla given that Godzilla is on the first ballot of any monster Hall of Fame ceremony, Brian Colin has previously revealed that the character was actually inspired by the design of the creature Ymir from the comparatively obscure …