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How do you program numbers on a Meridian phone?

How do you program numbers on a Meridian phone?

To Program Personal Speed Dial Numbers: (Numbers 71 – 94 only.

  1. Press the Feature button, then * 4.
  2. Enter the 2 digit code (71 – 94. that you want to assign to that phone number.
  3. Enter the telephone number, then press the OK softkey.
  4. Display will show: “Entry xx stored”

How do I program my Nortel Network Phone?

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  1. Internal Speed Dial. Press FEATURE * 2. Next, press the button you wish to program.
  2. External Speed Dial. Press FEATURE * 1. Next, press the button you wish to program.
  3. Personal Speed Dial. Press Feature * 4. Enter the two digit code (any two digit code from 71 to 94) that you wish to assign.

How do you use a Meridian phone?

If you are using a Meridian phone, this user guide will help you use its various features. Select a free extension. Press Auto Dial….To store the Auto Dial number:

  1. Leave handset on-hook (no dial tone) and press AutoDial.
  2. Dial the number. Be sure to dial 9 if this is an off site call.
  3. Press Auto Dial again.

How do I get my Meridian phone off hands free?

To answer – • Press Handsfree when your telephone rings to answer and have a handsfree conversation. Pick up the handset to turn off the Handsfree. To activate Mute and turn off your microphone so your caller cannot hear you – • Press Handsfree a second time. The LCD will flash, indicating the microphone is muted.

How do I take my Nortel phone off Do Not Disturb?

A line button will flash when you receive a call, but it will not ring. To cancel Do Not Disturb, press FEATURE # 8 5. The display will read “Allow Calls” and you will receive your calls normally. And that’s how you activate and cancel Do Not Disturb on your Nortel T7316 phone.

What is Norstar phone system?

The Meridian Norstar, later called Nortel Norstar was a small-office digital key telephone system introduced by Northern Telecom and now sold by Avaya. In the United Kingdom it is sold by British Telecom, rebadged as the BT Norstar.

How do I check my call history on Meridian phone?

1. Press the Feature key followed by feature code 812. 2. Press the Recvd, Placed or Missed soft key to view the list of received, dialed or missed calls.

How do I check messages on my Meridian phone?

Accessing Your Mailbox

  1. Press the MESSAGE key or dial 5000, the voicemail access number.
  2. When prompted for “Mailbox”, press #
  3. Enter your PASSWORD, then press #

How do I forward my Meridian phone to my cell phone?

CALL FORWARD You can forward your phone to another phone or voice mail when you are out of the office • Leave handset in cradle. Press the Call Forward key. Input the number your wish to forward to. Press the Call Forward key again To cancel forwarding – press the Call Forward key.