How do you play the game thief?

How do you play the game thief?

Each player must try to quietly steal from the treasure pile without getting tagged by the blindfolded player. When the blindfolded player suspects someone is trying to take their stash, they call out,”Thief, thief!” and has to tag the player trying to steal from them. The blindfolded player must remain seated.

What do I need to know before playing thief?

Thief: Top 10 Tips

  • Keep to the Shadows. Remaining hidden is the top priority of any thief.
  • Stay Silent. Even when you’re completely hidden, making noise can still betray your presence.
  • Exploit the Environment.
  • Lift All of the Loot.
  • Come Prepared.
  • Explore the City.
  • Complete Side Jobs.
  • Replay Missions.

How long does it take to complete thief?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 264 11h 11m
Main + Extras 258 22h 51m
Completionists 51 45h 24m
All PlayStyles 573 19h 29m

What is Thief game about?

Thief: Deadly Shadows2004Thief II2000Thief: The Dark Project1998

Is Thief an open world game?

For all intents and purposes, Thief’s central hub takes the form of an open world; the City sprawls across several large areas that you can traverse at will, and it doesn’t only contain links off to the mission environments.

How old is Garrett in Thief?

30-something year old
Garrett is the main character of Thief. He is a 30-something year old man known for his honed skills in pick pocketing and other forms of thieving.

Will there be a Thief 5?

While it looks like the Thief 5 game isn’t happening, the film certainly is. Straight Up Films states that it will “tell a new chapter in the storied world of the series’ hero.” This suggests that it will be distinct from the games, rather than a straight adaptation of an existing story.

Is thief an open world game?

Is thief a good game?

Thief feels unwieldy at times, although it’s not the travesty some reviewers are making it out to be. It’s a beautiful stealth game that’s fun to play in bursts, but it’s hard to recommend it without reservations. No one ever said being a criminal was easy…

How did Garrett lose his eye?

Garrett’s mechanical eye was given to him by the Hammerites, after his natural eye was plucked out by Viktoria, consort of The Trickster (The Woodsie Lord of the Pagans). Karras gave him the eye in the hopes that an allegiance could be formed between the two.

Why did Garrett leave the keepers?

He was called “the most promising acolyte” in the Keeper annals, but left around the age of 20 due to his “imbalance.” It was brought before the council to deal with him using the Enforcers, but Caduca informed the council that Garrett would be needed in the future.

Is thief on ps4 open world?

Unlike the other games it doesn’t mention missions, but there is also no open world tag.