How do I professionally frame my artwork?

How do I professionally frame my artwork?

How to Frame Artwork Like a Pro

  1. Select your artwork.
  2. Go shopping to find a mat and a frame.
  3. Look for the proper size mat and frame.
  4. Choose the right mat.
  5. Choose a frame.
  6. Assemble the tape.
  7. Attach the tape.
  8. Secure the photo or document.

Should I include a border on my art prints?

Borders make it easier to place a print behind matting. By having a border going around the perimeter, making the sheet size larger, you do not have to worry or struggle with getting the print to position behind the mat. As you can see, including a border in your artwork is helpful but not required.

Should prints be framed with glass?

All should be framed behind glass. Only canvas art (paintings or prints) are usually presented without glass. But even those are sealed/varnished, otherwise they would have the same fate as the unprotected art on paper.

How do you mount art prints?

How to Mount Using Mount Strips

  1. Prepare your materials.
  2. Place your mat board and backing board so they’re side-by-side.
  3. Close the mat board on top of the backing board.
  4. Pull out 4 archival mounting strips.
  5. Remove the protective plastic.
  6. Close the mat board to activate the adhesive and finish the mounting process.

Should art be framed?

Framing canvas art not only protects the corners and edges of the piece, but can better protect against structural warping than stretched canvas can – especially if you plan to display the piece for long periods of time. It’s a beautiful, tasteful compromise between the art and the importance of preservation.

How much border do you leave on art prints?

In order to preserve the best quality possible, the border (1 – 2 in/ 2.5 – 5 cm) on Art Prints will vary depending on the artwork dimension, so you can be offered a finished size without distorting the image.

How much does it cost to frame art prints?

If your piece is “extra small” (up to 5 x 7), it will cost $65 to frame. A small piece (up to 9 x 12) costs $85 and a medium piece (up to 18 x 20) costs $99. Essentially, the fewer options a company offers, the lower they can make their prices.

How can I protect a picture in a frame without glass?

Re: Framing without glass? Try coating the prints with some archival spray, like Lumijet Image Shield, Hahnemuhle Protective Spray, or ClearStar Coating spray. These will help protect the prints from scuffs, moisture, uv light.

When mounted and framed your photograph should not touch what?

All framing styles fall into three main categories: matted, matless, and float-mounted. Whichever style you choose, be sure that your photograph does not touch the glass once it is mounted and set in the frame.

What mounting technique do photographers use when they don’t want a border around a print?

One way to mount your photograph is to use acid free hinging tape or tissue such as Lineco Self Adhesive Hinging Tissue to attach the image directly to the mat. The advantage of this method is that the image will stay centered under the picture mat opening so you do not need to hinge the mat to the mount board.

How can I frame my art for cheap?

As a black matte paint, chalkboard paint and a few sheets of paper can be a great way to frame artwork. You can paint a box on your wall and then use clear thumbtacks to gently pin your work on paper in front of it. The chalkboard paint conversely also works great as matting for images already in frames.

What’s the best way to frame a print?

This is especially helpful if you purchased a print that isn’t a standard size. All you need to do is buy a frame in the next size (or two) up, then cut a mat board to fit the frame, with a window to showcase the art. Mats create visual space for the artwork to breathe.

Where can I get a frame for my artwork?

There is a wide variety of frame choices on offer for standard-sized artwork. If your original art is in an unusual or larger size, you can also get a custom frame made to fit its dimensions exactly. Here is a sample of some of the frames offered by my local framer.

Is it OK to frame art on paper?

If too little white space is left on the bottom, it can feel cramped or top heavy. In terms of art preservation, it is better for a work on paper to be framed with a mat.

What kind of frame do I need for a painting?

Paintings that are primarily green often look especially glowing in a gold frame, a historic favorite of framers. If you go wilder, make sure it complements your piece—a red-lacquer frame might work with something in a Pop Art flavor, while a gold bamboo frame can look just right with photography from the 1960s and ’70s, such as a Slim Aarons work.