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How do I object to a planning application Enfield?

How do I object to a planning application Enfield?

To comment or object to the application, you must create an account on the online planning register. This allows you to see the progress of an application, submit your comments and set up email alerts for applications or locations you’re interested in. It is different to an Enfield Connect account.

How do I comment on planning permission?

You must quote the reference number of the application you are commenting on and address your comments to the Head of Planning and Housing. Keep your comments kept brief and concise. You can use sub-headings to illustrate each point. You can include other information such as photographs to illustrate your concerns.

Are planning comments public?

When you make a comment on a planning application, your comments are recorded against that application, and are made available online to the public. Personal phone numbers, email addresses and signatures will not be displayed with your comments.

What happens when a planning application is deferred?

If an application is deferred, an office meeting normally takes place to discuss the issues raised by the councillors. This meeting is usually between the applicant or the objectors, the Department of the Environment and the councillor who deferred the application.

How close to my house can my Neighbour build?

As a rule of thumb, a build that reaches 7.2 feet is considered acceptable and anything over that we do recommend speaking to your neighbour.

What happens if Neighbour objects to extension?

If a neighbour objects and challenges your application, you have the right to appeal. However, if the objections can be addressed with an alteration to the design of the extension, you can also opt to amend the plan accordingly and re-submit the application.

How do you write a planning objection letter?

Writing letters of objection/support or comment Make sure you put your name, address and contact details and a reference to the application in your response. Say why you are objecting to, (or supporting), the development.

How many objections before a planning application goes to committee?

However, generally speaking 5 – 10 good objections are often enough to get an application ‘called in’ to a committee meeting for councillors to decide (although this does differ between local authorities). Otherwise a case officer (with management supervision) may make a decision under ‘delegated powers’.

Are planning comments Anonymous?

If you don’t, your comments will be considered anonymous and your views cannot be taken into account. Comments submitted via Public Access will be posted on the website shortly after receipt (usually within 48 hours).

Can you see comments on a planning application?

We will record your comments and consider them, and if the application goes to the Planning Committee we will pass them on. If you want to know what decision has been made you can look it up using Planning Online.

On what grounds can planning be rejected?

Planning permission can be denied if your build is guilty of these offenses: Your build overshadows a neighbour, causing loss of light. Your build overlooks other homes, causing loss of privacy. Your builds appearance is out of character with the existing property.