How do I choose a leaf spring for my trailer?

How do I choose a leaf spring for my trailer?

Trailer leaf springs need to be selected based on the axle weight rating, as well as on the spring type (slipper or double-eye), length and width dimensions. Axles usually have a sticker or plate on them that provides their weight rating. It is important to note a few things about replacement springs.

How much do trailer leaf springs cost?

How Much Do New Leaf Springs Cost? The average cost to replace leaf springs ranges from $450 to $790 if you hire a professional. These estimates include the cost of labor in addition to the springs and parts. The cost of the installation alone could range from $95 to $170 depending on where you go.

Can you add leaf springs to a trailer?

Advice For Installing Leaf Springs on a Double Axle Trailer The easiest way to accomplish this would be to start on one side of the trailer and get the springs in place before bolting the axle to the springs with the u-bolts. Have the axle up on jacks or blocks so its weight is not bearing on the springs.…

How long do trailer leaf springs last?

Regular boat trailer leaf springs last two or three years on average. **Remember, when upgrading to torsion axles from leaf springs, plan on raising your boat trailer fenders up a few inches to give your trailer tires the clearance they need.

How do I know what leaf springs to buy?

Measure from the center of the front bushing in a straight line to the center of the rear bushing for DOUBLE-EYE leaf spring, or to the furthest inside point of an OPEN-EYE leaf spring. Measure from the center of front bushing in a straight line to the end of spring for HOOK-END, FLAT-END and RADIUS END leaf springs.

How do you know if your trailer leaf springs are bad?

Expert Reply: A leaf spring should be replaced if it is badly rusted, has cracks or breaks in its leaves or if it is sagging. A 14-year-old travel trailer could certainly be in need of new leaf springs.

When should I replace my trailer leaf springs?

When to Replace Trailer Leaf Springs Inspect the leaf springs on your trailer at least once every 12,000 miles or when you notice any sagging, corrosion, cracks or uneven riding.

How long does it take to replace leaf springs?

If your leaf spring bolts are rusted, or you break a weld nut inside the uni-body, it can take anywhere from one hour to one day to change a leaf spring, depending on your available tools, mechanic skills, and previous experience changing Cherokee leaf springs.

Do trailer axle seats need welding?

Expert Reply: It is highly recommended that the spring seat be at minimum tack welded to the axle. There have been issues that have resulted from the seat not be welded to the axle.

Should I Grease trailer leaf springs?

Trailer Leaf Spring Maintenance Tip 2: Apply a Water-Repellent Coating. Coating the leaf springs with a water repellent will prevent water from coming into contact with them, and increase their lifespan considerably. Grease coatings provide better protection against water, and are far less likely to wash off.

How big is a trailer leaf spring kit?

Kit includes 1-1/2″ tall front hangers, 1-1/4″ tall rear hangers, 2-5/8″ shackle straps and hardware for mounting springs to your 2,000-lb to 7,000-lb, single-axle trailer frame. Components for mounting axle to springs sold separately.

Which is the best spring for a slipper trailer?

Trailer Double Eye Spring Suspension and Single Axle Hanger Kit for 2 3/8″ Tube – 3500… M-parts SW4B Trailer Spring – 25-1/4″ Double Eye 4-Leaf Spring 1-3/4″ Wide for 3,500 lbs… Slipper Trailer Spring – 3 Leaves with Flat, 1500-Lb.

Are there any Libra leaf springs left in stock?

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