How do I archive emails in Thunderbird IMAP?

How do I archive emails in Thunderbird IMAP?

How do I archive my messages? To archive one or more messages, select the desired messages and then click on the Archive button, or simply press A on your keyboard.

How do I automatically send emails to archive?

Archive older items automatically

  1. Click File > Options > Advanced.
  2. Under AutoArchive, click AutoArchive Settings.
  3. Click the Run AutoArchive every n days box and specify how often to run AutoArchive.
  4. Choose any other options you want, such as having Outlook delete old items instead of archiving them.

Where does Thunderbird store IMAP emails?

By default, email on Thunderbird is stored on the server side. However, it is possible to open a “local archive” and move your mails in this archive in order to store them only on your local machine.

How do I stop emails from automatically archiving?

1) On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts, then select the email account for which you want to stop archiving emails. 2) Tap on your account email address, then tap on Advanced. 3) Under the Move Discarded Messages Into section, select Deleted Mailbox.

Can you archive IMAP emails?

If your IMAP mailbox is approaching the disk quota limit for your account or is full, you can either purchase more space or you can archive old emails by moving them to an offline location on your computer. This will free up space without having to delete messages.

Where do archived emails go in Thunderbird?

x, Thunderbird has built-in support for archiving e-mail. The “archived” messages are moved to a dedicated folder (or hierarchy of folders) within the Thunderbird profile. These are ordinary mail folders (using either mbox or maildir files, depending upon how the account is configured), not compressed files.

Why is my email going straight to archive?

When your new messages appear to be archived, it’s in fact a result of Gmail’s handling of archived messages. Instead of a folder entitled “All Archive” or “Archive”, like most other email providers, Gmail has a section entitled “All Mail”. True to the name, this contains all messages, new and archived alike.

Does Thunderbird store IMAP mail locally?

The IMAP protocol supports both online and offline activity. Therefore, messages can be stored both on the local machine and on the server, enabling numerous benefits: Multiple clients can be used to access messages.

How do I backup my emails in Thunderbird?

Open Thunderbird and click on any email folder that you want to back up, such as Inbox or another folder. Select emails. Use the SHIFT key to select multiple emails or use CTRL+A to select all emails for backup. Then right-click and choose Save as.

Why are my emails being archived?

Why is Outlook archiving my emails?

The online archive is displayed as a separate mailbox in the left pane of Outlook. Once set up, older messages are automatically transferred to the online archive so as to keep the size of the primary Outlook mailbox in check.

Where do I Find my archived emails in Thunderbird?

> Account Settings, select the desired email account in the left panel, and then select the Copies & Folders setting. In the Message Archives section, use the settings in Keep message archives in to set the desired location. You can define the structure of the archive folder by clicking the Archive options… button.

Can a Thunderbird account be used for both pop and IMAP?

Since, the Thunderbird account can be configured with both POP and IMAP accounts, archiving emails is slightly different in both protocols. Here, we will discuss the manual approach on how to archive emails from Thunderbird to local folders of your PC for both POP3 and IMAP protocols.

How to use Awesome Auto archive addon for Thunderbird?

This addon support “From”, “Recipient”, “Subject” filters for rule, if you would like more complicated filter or folder selection, please try ‘Saved Search Folder’ and select the folder as “Source Folder”. The build-in filters lack of method to run periodically ( bug 864147 ), and can only set based on accounts instead of folders ( bug 294632 ).

Are there any mobile add ons for Thunderbird?

Check out our Mobile Add-ons site. Thunderbird can archive messages but you have to do it manually for every message. This add-on helps you and archives your messages automatically after the time you have configured.