Does Twilight Sparkle turn evil?

Does Twilight Sparkle turn evil?

Twilight’s friends, mentor, Luna, and brother head to the Castle of the 2 sisters and watch in horror as Twilight turns into the new Nightmare Moon after she’s possessed by the spirit of the mare of darkness and becomes a villainess names “Nightmare Sparkle” (voiced by Jennifer Lopez).

What episode of My Little Pony does twilight turn evil?

Magic Duel
Magic Duel is the fifth episode of the third season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the fifty-seventh episode overall. In this episode, Trixie returns to Ponyville for revenge and defeats Twilight Sparkle in a magic duel, banishing her from the town.

Does Princess Celestia turn evil?

Prime Celestia transform herself into some sort of star pony (who fans call Solar Flare a Celestia counterpart to Nightmare Moon) and battles her evil counterpart. Once the crystal imprisonment starts in goes perfectly well, until they realizes this also affect the good Celestia.

Was Cadence born an Alicorn?

The first half of the second season finale, A Canterlot Wedding – Part 1, introduces Princess Cadance. The books Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell and Princess Cadance and the Spring Hearts Garden and Amy Keating Rogers state that Cadance was born a Pegasus and became an Alicorn later.

Are Twilight Sparkle and starlight glimmer related?

From The Cutie Re-Mark – Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle’s student in the ways of friendship. As of A Horse Shoe-In, she is the principal of the School of Friendship. She is called Starlight Shimmer in some other media.

Who did Celestia marry?

Celestia and Queen Novo married, and they have a son, Prince Sorath. Celestia is also the step-mom of Princess Skystar.

Why did Princess Luna turns evil?

Through her power over nightmares, Nightmare Moon was able to feed off Luna’s insecurities of living in her sister’s shadow, thus allowing her to take over Luna’s mind, which ultimately lead to her being banished to the moon for a thousand years.

Who are the mean six in Twilight Sparkle?

~ Evil Twilight Sparkle to the other clones. The Mean Six are the titular secondary antagonists of the MLP: FiM episode of the same name. They are clones of the Mane Six created by Queen Chrysalis and lead by Mean Twilight before they end up turning against her.

What did evil Twilight say to evil Pinkie?

Twilight was offended that Pinkie seemingly found the trip boring (when it was Evil Pinkie that made the remarks earlier). Chrysalis overheard Evil Twilight’s plan to betray her and confronted her, saying she should kill them and start over, but Evil Twilight told her she knew where the Elements were.

When did Twilight Sparkle first walk on clouds?

Twilight, following the ponies out of Rarity’s room. Dat Rainbow! “Boy, will she be surprised!” “Surprise!” First time we see Twilight walking on clouds without the aid of magic. Ain’t no other pony rock this swag like me.

What did evil Applejack do to Starlight?

Evil Applejack ran into Starlight and Rarity, telling more lies and insulting Starlight, hurting her feelings. After Starlight ran off and Rarity ran after her, Chrysalis and the other Mean 5 reunited with Evil Rarity, telling Evil Twilight to lead her to the Tree of Harmony.