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Does Stage 1 clutch increase horsepower?

Does Stage 1 clutch increase horsepower?

What this means is that the stage 1 clutch will improve torque and power, but it will improve them within the manufacturer’s safety margins. A stage 1 clutch also does not wear your engine out as fast as a stage 2 clutch might, and it does not affect your car’s street legality.

Are EFT clutch kits any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars So far an excellent choice. I’ve almost put 200 miles on it and so far so good. So it seems to be much smoother and quieter than stock clutch kit.

Which stage clutch should I get?

If you’re making up to 50whp over stock, you should be looking at stage one clutches which generally hold a 25-50% increase in torque capacity. The stage one clutches generally offer a slightly increased clamp load from the pressure plate and organic disc which will provide a similar stock pedal feel and engagement.

What Is a Stage 2 clutch kit?

Stage 2 – This clutch has a dual sprung disc with full face Kevlar®. It offers the optimum street durability with smooth engagement. The characteristics are more of a street/daily driver feel however, this clutch can handle greater strain and will last far longer than the OE Clutch.

How much power can a Stage 2 clutch handle?

When the manufacturer’s clutch had only been able to handle 300 foot-pounds of Torque, the Spec stage 2 clutch was able to handle 411 foot-pounds of Torque. The ability to quickly climb hills is under the control of the lower gears.

Is a 6 puck clutch better?

A puck-style clutch disc has more force per square inch on your flywheel than a full clutch disc. The fewer pucks on the clutch disc, the better it grabs on the flywheel. On racing applications, a puck-style clutch disc is the better choice.

Does a new clutch add horsepower?

As Norton mentioned, the power gains from the SPEC clutch increase power all across the horsepower and torque curves. Moreover a faster revving, more responsive engine and clutch system is something that is useful in more than just producing peak power.