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Does Logger Pro cost money?

Does Logger Pro cost money?

Generous Site License Download anytime and distribute to students from online account. Logger Pro 3 updates are free.

How much does a LabQuest 2 cost?

Retail Price: $329, LabQuest Replacement Battery (LQ-BAT, www.vernier.com/products/accessories/lq2-bat/), $19.

What is Logger Pro used for?

Logger Pro is a program that allows you to collect and analyze data from Vernier LabQuest, LabPro, Go! Link, Go! Temp, Go! Motion, Vernier/Ocean Optics Spectrometers, the Vernier WDSS, and Ohaus balances.

Does Logger Pro work on Chromebooks?

Logger Pro is software for Mac and Windows and (like any other Mac or Windows software) does not run on Chromebooks.

What can I use instead of Logger Pro?

Top Alternatives for Advanced Logger Pro

  • Smartlook.
  • FullStory.
  • Semrush.
  • LogRocket.
  • Leadfeeder.

How do I get into Logger Pro?

If you are already logged in, hover over My Account in the upper-right corner of any page on our web site and click on Downloads. 2. Under Software Installers, Click the link to download Logger Pro for your operating system. The download will begin immediately.

What is LabQuest 2 used for?

Vernier LabQuest 2 is a standalone interface used to collect sensor data with its built-in graphing and analysis application. The large, high-resolution touch screen makes it easy and intuitive to collect, analyze, and share data from experiments.

What is a LabQuest used for?

LabQuest is a standalone and computer interface for Vernier sensors. Use its color touch screen to collect, graph, and analyze data in your classroom or in the field.

Can you get Logger Pro on iPad?

Logger Pro is software for Mac and Windows and (like any other Mac or Windows software) does not run on an iPad.

Can I download Logger Pro on Chromebook?

Unfortunately, The LabPro cannot work with Chromebooks. LabPro does still work on Windows and Macintosh computers.

How do I install Logger Pro?

Installing LoggerPro:

  1. Open the Software Center by searching for “Software Center” from a Windows Search menu.
  2. In the Applications screen, click the Logger Pro 3.12 icon.
  3. Click “Install”.
  4. The program will begin to download and install – takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. The status will show “installed”.

What kind of software is Logger Pro 3?

Our award-winning Logger Pro 3 software provides advanced analytical features including video analysis. One copy of Logger Pro includes a site license for all computers in your school or your college department, as well as students’ personal computers.

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